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10 Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

10 Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

10 Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are popular currency because you can use them to purchase just about anything you could want, and even receive it within days with an Amazon Prime membership. Many companies use Amazon gift cards as rewards or incentives, and while some require a nominal effort, there are even ways to earn Amazon gift cards without changing any of your usual shopping habits and daily routines.

There are several ways to score Amazon gift cards for free! While an almost endless amount of apps and websites exist that can help you to earn cash at Amazon, Fetch has found the ten best ways to get free Amazon gift cards in any denomination.

Add An Extension to Your Desktop or Shop with an App

Chrome extensions on your desktop are one of the easiest ways to help you find and apply special coupon codes to your online purchases. Without even taking any additional action, extensions like Honey Gold or Otto will show discount codes in your shopping cart at the online checkout, or you can earn points on these purchases or toward free gift cards to use at online stores, like Amazon.

Similar to the use of a Chrome extension, there are a variety of apps that take advantage of your online shopping, as well as other bonus tasks like clicking links or answering questions, to earn you points toward a variety of rewards or gift cards.

Complete Surveys and Research Panels 

The number of sites that allow you to earn nominal monetary amounts or score points for participating in surveys or completing short, simple tasks seems to be growing daily. Companies love to use Amazon gift cards as rewards and incentives for surveys and market research because it’s a perk that really does motivate mass participation. So, log on to Swagbucks, SurveyJunkie, Opinion Outpost, or any other survey site and answer a few questions to easily turn your opinions in a free Amazon gift card.

Participating in Nielsen marketing research also earns focus group members money for taking surveys and allowing the company to follow their television viewing habits. Payouts are often in the form of cash, check, and Amazon gift cards.

Read E-mails or Watch Videos

Much like survey sites, there are other sites that pay you to read e-mails, watch videos, and search websites to redeem points for tasks. This is usually quite easy with legitimate sites like Inbox Dollars or InstaGC, where you can choose how you want to be rewarded — and Amazon gift cards are a great option!

Play Games 

Social platforms for mobile gaming, like Mistplay help you to discover new games, have fun, and connect with your friends and fellow gamers. In addition to weekly contests where large prizes are offered, you can redeem points earned during your playtime for rewards, including cash and Amazon gift cards.

Scan Your Receipt

Fetch helps you to earn free Amazon gifts cards just by showing eligible purchases on your receipts. All you must do is complete a quick digital scan, and Fetch will find specific products you purchased at grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, pet stores, clothing stores, and other retailers that can earn you points toward a free gift card that can be used at your favorite dining or travel destination as well as Amazon.

10 Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Like Social Media Posts

Many companies and even social media influencers use Amazon gift cards as incentives to engage with their branding efforts. In exchange for social media connections such as comments, shares, and even likes, you can be offered perks — often including nominal Amazon gift cards. These offerings are independent of Amazon, but they are frequently the most preferred method for incentivizing social media engagement.

Look for Jobs

Sometimes you can pocket money just by looking for a job… or at least a job posting. Job Spotter pays anyone to take photos of “Help Wanted” signs around town. If your submission is approved, you receive points that can be redeemed for a gift card. 100 points equal a $1 Amazon gift card, and Job Spotter awards between 10 and 100 points per submission, so they can add up quickly. And while you’re padding your wallet, you may be helping someone to find a great job at the same time.

Buy Gasoline

GetUpside is an app that saves you money on gallons of gas you purchase when you fill up at a station participating in the GetUpside program. And there are many of them all over the country! After you fill your tank, scan and submit your itemized receipt and you’ll receive options on cash or gift cards to redeem for your points as they accrue. You can cash out when you want using either cash via Paypal, check, or a variety of gift cards, including Amazon.

Switch Your Search Engine

Microsoft launched Microsoft Rewards to promote their search engine, Bing. For each web search you complete using Bing, you earn points. Upon reaching 5,250 — which actually doesn’t take very long with all of the web searching you likely already do online — you’ll get a $5 Amazon gift card. Making money is as easy as looking up information and gaining new knowledge!

Make Reservations and Eat at a Restaurant 

Making reservations to eat out at restaurants isn’t a good idea for the convenience factor alone. Using a reservation site like OpenTable also provides dining rewards. The simplest option for redeeming OpenTable dining points is an Amazon gift card. So, showing up for your meal can actually make you money.

Whether you are looking to receive perks in exchange for simple tasks, collecting special codes to earn points, or even just doing your usual shopping, there are multiple ways to earn free Amazon gift cards, and we believe the simplest of them all is scanning your online and in-store receipts to earn Fetch points toward eligible purchases at so many of your favorite retailers… like Amazon!

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