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10 Walmart Hacks All Moms Should Know

10 Walmart Hacks All Moms Should Know

10 Walmart Hacks All Moms Should Know

Did you know that a big-box retailer like Walmart has a method to their markdown madness? It’s true! And you can benefit from hacks that help you to save even more money and find great deals on all of the things your family needs throughout the year.

Fetch has curated the ten best Walmart hacks — from shoppers and actual Walmart employees — that all moms should know to score great deals and save money at one of America’s favorite hypermarket stores.

The Price Tells You All You Need to Know

Prices ending in seven, a value which might mean that an item was on clearance at some other stores, are actually Walmart’s original prices. After the first markdown, prices then end in five or zero. And those items ending in a penny are usually final markdowns. This means that an item priced at $49.97 is probably eventually going to go on sale. By the time the item is $39.95 it has seen a preliminary price reduction, for example. And when it is $30.01 buyers should snap it up because it is at its lowest price offering.

Check Nearby Walmart Stores and Online

The price you see in one Walmart store isn’t necessarily the same across all stores and online, but Walmart has a commitment to match its web prices to those in stores, so if you find an item cheaper online, you’ll be able to get a better deal than the price as marked. Comparison shopping among Walmart stores and Walmart online can help you to find your items at the best possible prices.

Walmart also has a super generous price adjustment policy. If you buy something from Walmart and find that the price has dropped within a week, bring your receipt in, and the store will refund the difference.

Use In-Store Pickups

Shopping online is certainly convenient, and Walmart makes it even easier by offering free two day shipping for eligible purchases, but since Walmart stores are willing to match its online prices, you may want to consider using in-store pickups to save some additional cash as Walmart offers in-store pickup discounts.

If your closest store doesn’t have the item you need in stock, another Walmart will get it to your store — for free — and then you can avoid the crowds and save time by picking it up from the service desk and likely getting a “Pickup Discount Eligible” item for an even better deal.

New Moms Get Free Stuff

When expectant mothers create a Walmart baby registry and fill out a simple form, they receive a free Welcome Baby Box that includes essential items like diapers, wipes, bottles, soaps, and more. These boxes are valued at over $40 and ship to new moms at no cost.

Scope Out Free Kiosks

While they aren’t found at every Walmart, some stores offer trial products at free kiosks, called Freeosks. But these aren’t your mini- or travel-sized samples like you might find at other retailers. No, Walmart offers full-size versions of items, and every week there is something new on rotation. Always be sure to stop by the Freeosk to test out new products or to see if an essential item that your family needs may be on offer.

Look Down

Often, endcaps at Walmart are marked as locations to find clearance items. But clearance-priced products are actually found throughout the store, not just on those handy end-of-aisle displays. Keep on the lookout for Walmart’s bright yellow clearance stickers, and because shoppers often grab items they see at eye-level, know that some of the best price offerings can be found on items located lower down, so always be sure to check the bottom shelves.

Mark Your Calendar for the First Five

Walmart usually marks items for clearance in the first five days of the month, though they keep marking them down until they are sold. So plan to start your shopping early in the month so you can be the first to take advantage of markdown and clearance prices.

Check the “Best By” Date

The “Best By” date on products at Walmart is a recommended sell-by date, though it isn’t a hard and fast rule for product expiration. Still, Walmart stores don’t want to have products on the shelves past this date, so the night before the “Best By” date, these items will be marked down for faster sale so Walmart can move them immediately.

Be aware that sometimes these items are pushed to the back of the shelf to make room for a new box of items or fresher inventory, so if you want to find the same product at a better price, look for the one with a rapidly approaching “Best By” date, even if you have to dig a little to find it.

Don’t Skip the Refurbished Section

Electronics can be pricey, but if your family doesn’t have to have the full-price newest model, you can save money by exploring Walmart’s surprising selection of refurbished electronics products. These items are pre-owned, but expertly tested and inspected, so anything you buy will be like new, but will still save you a bundle.

Know When to Buy Your Groceries

Bag great bargains by planning to purchase your grocery items at Walmart in the morning. Stores mark down the price on their meat at the start of the day, so if you are looking for the best deals on proteins, it is smart to get there early for the lowest price and the greatest selection.

You may also want to shop for Walmart’s bakery items just before you are planning to consume them. This is because Walmart marks down bakery items that are a day old — still just as edible and delicious, but one day less fresh — so if you can wait to make your purchase, you can nab them for a steal. Sometimes they are priced as low as $1!

There you have it! Use these ten tips to save money at Walmart and get the best deals. Then, go a step farther and snap your receipt to start earning with Fetch. When you scan your receipt, Fetch finds specific products you purchased at Walmart that can earn you points toward a free gift card that can be used at your favorite restaurants, stores, and travel destinations.

Happy shopping (and saving)!