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18 of the Best Ways to Save Money at CVS Each Month

18 of the Best Ways to Save Money at CVS Each Month

Pregnant woman using Fetch Rewards to save money at CVS

CVS stands for Consumer Value Store, and there may be no easier place to shop for everything from paper towels to prescriptions. That’s because CVS makes it easy to save money and even score free products with so many opportunities for discounts.

Here are 18 of the best ways to save money at CVS each month:

Carry an ExtraCare Card

Everyone can register for a free CVS ExtraCare Card which is a loyalty card program with many benefits. Use your ExtraCare card every time you shop for 2% back on almost all purchases in the form of ExtraBucks reward points. You can also score sweet deals on sale prices in-store and online by connecting your ExtraCare Card to your purchases. 

Screenshot of CVS Extra Care Incentives

Subscribe to CVS CarePass

Going a step beyond the simple ExtraCard Card is CVS’s paid membership plan, the CVS CarePass. A simple $5 per month (or $48 annual) membership — which is actually free for your first month! — saves you 20% off CVS Health® brand products, free one or two-day shipping, free same-day prescription delivery, a 24/7 pharmacist helpline, and $10 in monthly promo reward cash to use every month. 

If you shop at CVS for anything, especially any items accumulating over $5 a month, there’s no doubt this deal is incredible. Even if all you do is use your $10 reward credit each month, you’re doubling your money back by using this membership program.

Sign Up for ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards

An expanded feature of CVS’s ExtraCare rewards program is ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards, which offers perks for prescription drug purchases. With this program, you’ll get $5 in ExtraBucks for every ten prescriptions you have filled. These credits — up to $50 a year — can be used to buy anything at CVS, from shampoo and toothpaste, to nail polish and magazines. 

And don’t forget these aren’t just prescriptions for you and the humans in your family. Add your pet’s prescriptions to accumulate “barkworthy” ExtraBucks as well!

Sign Up for the CVS Beauty Club

Much like CVS’s Pharmacy & Health Rewards, the CVS Beauty Club offers a special way to get additional savings on the cosmetics and beauty items you love. With this rewards program, you get 10% back in ExtraBucks multiple times a year and a free beauty gift each month with a $30 qualifying purchase.

Screenshot of CVS beauty club information

Check Your Receipts

CVS is known for those extremely long receipts, and while the length of the tape roll may have become a bit of a joke, there are great offers on the bottom of those sales slips.

And here’s a secret reason why you may want to choose to print out those receipt-tape coupons: Did you know that CVS machines will usually still scan register-tape coupons up to two days past their expiration date? It’s true! (Shhh! CVS often takes manufacturer’s coupons up to two weeks past their expiration date at the self-checkout counters as well.) 

Read the Weekly Ad for Special Deals

Plan your future savings on shopping trips early by browsing the current CVS weekly circular, which offers a limited-time discount on a new set of deals on products throughout the store, from the pharmacy to cosmetics, food, and travel items.

Get CVS Emails With Specials

CVS emails aren’t spam, they are actually personalized offers based on your sales history with deals on your store favorites and the beauty and wellness finds you can’t live without.

Screenshot of the CVS app

Use the CVS App

It’s easy to connect the app to your ExtraCard card to get coupons and deals that you can’t get anywhere else. Even better, the app is a place to safely and conveniently store both exclusive deals as well as digital coupons… and those ExtraBucks you’ve been accumulating.

Follow CVS on Social Media

CVS is active on social media, so following the store on social is a great way to access exclusive discounts and sneak peeks. 

CVS frequently engages Twitter and Facebook followers in giveaways around gifting seasons, including Valentine’s Day-themed candy giveaways, holiday shopping passes, and even health chats with the pharmacist. The brand also has a dedicated social media presence for its ExtraCare Beauty Club for exclusive content and deals. 

Become an Advisory Panel Member

Earn ExtraBucks for filling out surveys! The CVS Advisory Panel is a group of CVS customers who volunteer to share opinions and feedback. In exchange for helping to shape store products and services a few times each year, your opinions can score you a bonus.

Each survey for which you qualify to participate pays $5-$10 ExtraCare Bucks, but even if you don’t qualify, after a few questions you are still likely to get something for your time.

Shop CVS Brand Products

Besides saving money on some of the most popular products, CVS also offers a variety of self-branded products that are highly recommended as compared to the name brands. What’s more, CVS also often offers deals and coupons to save you even more on these CVS-branded products. That’s savings on top of savings!

Get Your Flu Shot

When you get your free (with insurance) flu shot at CVS, the store will reward you with a $5 shopping pass. It’s a smart way to protect yourself and pocket a deal.

Visit CVS’s In-Store Coupon Kiosks

It’s as easy as scanning your ExtraCare card to get those kiosk machines in CVS stores to automatically spit out coupons! You can print them inside every retail store at the big red “coupon centers,” and in addition to savings, sometimes these kiosks even offer completely free products. 

Register Your Birthday

Make sure to add your birthday to your CVS account profile. By sharing your date of birth, you’ll be sure to get a special celebratory perk — $3 ExtraBucks on the day you blow out your candles. 

Take a Raincheck

Have you ever seen something in the weekly circular but can’t find it in the store? If CVS doesn’t have the item you’re shopping for in stock, you can ask a CVS employee to write a raincheck to extend the sale price. These rainchecks are good forever! And you can still use your ExtraBucks offers. If a sale item you need a raincheck for has an ExtraCare Bucks offer attached to it, just make sure the employee writes ExtraBucks points on the raincheck as they don’t automatically carry over.

Get Smart With Your ExtraBucks

Speaking of ExtraBucks, think of these like CVS cash. You’ll earn ExtraBucks on specific purchases or even for doing things like transferring your prescription to the CVS pharmacy. You can also earn ExtraBucks every four months based on how much you spend at CVS each quarter. And what’s so great about them is that you can redeem your ExtraBucks rewards coupons individually, a few at a time, or all at once.

But keep in mind that they have a clear expiration date, usually within 30 days, and they are not valid on everything in the store — prescriptions, gift cards, alcohol, stamps, and milk are excluded.

If you plan ahead, you can strategize to earn and use them in the same CVS trip. By dividing your purchases into two transactions, you can immediately earn ExtraBucks and then use them on a follow-up turn at the cashier. This sneaky trick reduces your immediate out-of-pocket expenses if you tend to forget to use these ExtraBucks for future shopping. 

Sometimes you can even find “FREE after ExtraBucks” items. This means you’ll basically be getting a rebate in the form of ExtraBucks after your purchase to use on your next shopping trip. 

Stack Coupons

ExtraBucks are one reason CVS is awesome, but there’s another coupon hack at CVS that sounds too good to be true. CVS is one of the only stores that lets you stack manufacturers’ coupons, store coupons, and ExtraBucks.

Combining coupons with the weekly ExtraBucks promotions is like a way to walk out of the store with products that you didn’t even have to pay for! By taking a sale item, for example, and using a CVS coupon, a manufacturer coupon, and a rebate app altogether, you’ll decrease the price of the item, then use your ExtraBucks, which act like cash, and further reduce the price you pay at checkout.


Save Even More By Snapping Your CVS Receipts with Fetch

CVS Fetch Rewards

After using all of these hacks to save money at CVS, go a step further and scan your receipt to start earning points with Fetch. When you scan your receipt, Fetch finds specific products that you purchased at CVS that can earn you points towards a free gift card. Fetch offers a huge variety of gift cards that can be used at your favorite travel destinations, restaurants, and stores… including CVS! 

All of this together makes shopping and saving at CVS a super deal!