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5 Back To School Backpack Wellness Necessities

5 Back To School Backpack Wellness Necessities

Lauren McNiff
two girls heading to school

As we head into the new school year it means it’s time for back-to-school shopping! You can scan any receipt on the Fetch app which means you can earn big on your back-to-school shopping trips and earn free gift cards! Below are 5 items that we think are perfect essentials to keep in your backpack for personal wellness this school year. Fetch to 

Fetch Firework #1 Hand Sanitizer 

Hand Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Being back in the classroom and around all your classmates can also mean being around a lot of germs! Besides making sure to always wash your hands, carrying hand sanitizer is a great way and convenient way to help you stay healthy this fall. 

Fetch Firework #2: Quick Healthy Snacks

Snack Nature Valley Snack Sargento Balanced Break Snack Pack

Having a few small snacks stashed in your backpack is essential to help curb that pre or post-lunchtime hunger! 

Fetch Firework #3: Tissues 

Kleenex tissues

There is nothing worse than needing a tissue and not having one. Keeping a small pack of Kleenex tissues in your backpack is the perfect way to be prepared, and they can also double as a napkin if needed!

Fetch Firework #4: Reusable Water Bottle 

stainless steel water bottle

Carrying a reusable water bottle makes it easy for students to fill up their water bottles before heading to school and allows them to refill throughout the day, while also being environmentally friendly! 

Fetch Firework #5: Deodorant 

Deodorant mens deodorant women's deodorant

It never hurts to carry a small deodorant stick in your backpack, especially for after gym class! 

Get rewarded for your back-to-school necessities with the Fetch App and turn your purchases into free gift cards!

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