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7 Ways To Recover From The Holidays

7 Ways To Recover From The Holidays

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The holiday season can be a stressful time for anyone, and after back-to-back events, parties, travel, family dynamics and more, you may be in need for recovery. Here are 7 easy ways to recover from the holidays: 


Enhance Your Normal Routine 

Now that the holidays are over, it may be hard to get back into your normal routine. Make sure you get enough rest by going to sleep a little earlier than usual and aiming for 8 hours. Focus on enhancing your everyday routine. Try having a glass of lemon water upon waking to hydrate the body or do a guided 5-minute meditation to center your mind before your day starts. 


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Move Your Body

You’ve heard it before, and you will hear it again. There are so many benefits to exercise, and if you haven’t had a routine, now is the time to start. Exercise is proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, improve memory & brain function, reduce anxiety & depression, and helps with weight management. Overall, you will feel better mentally and physically. Find a workout that you enjoy, from daily walks outdoors to trying new fitness studios that specialize in everything from boxing to Pilates to dance. If you have had the same workout routine for a while, switch it up! 

Focus On Healthy Foods 

With parties and holiday events galore, you may have overindulged during the holiday season with cocktails, cookies, cakes and more. With the holiday season over, focus on eating healthy foods and cutting back on sugar, alcohol and processed foods, while adding in more protein and fiber.  Don’t add more stress to your schedule, so find something that you love to make or opt for easy healthy recipes. Try a homemade soup, a new recipe in the slow cooker, a Dutch oven roast or a simple one pan sheet meal that easily combines a vegetable and protein. Adding in your favorite tea will help with removing toxins and boost your metabolism. Eat simple, nutritious foods to feel your best!  If you want to earn free gift cards while you are it, don’t forget to scan your receipts into the FETCH app.


Find Gratitude 

Keep the holiday spirit going all year long with a simple routine of finding three things each day that you are grateful for. Being grateful is a mood enhancer, by causing your brain to boost serotonin and produce dopamine, which is known as the “pleasure chemical”. Write down three things daily as part of a morning or evening routine or check out several of the gratitude apps available. 


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Your body needs water to survive and function properly, and according to studies, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, drinking only 2.5 cups of water a day. It is recommended to drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day, even though each individual person’s needs will slightly differ. Try carrying around a reusable water bottle to increase water intake, and if you are not a fan of plain water, add in fruits like lemon, lime, orange or mint. 


Do What Makes You Happy And At Peace 

After spending so much time with family and friends over the holidays, do something for you that makes you happy. Allow yourself to take a break. Maybe you need a reset and make self-care a priority.  Maybe it’s curling up with a cup of tea with a good book or watching a movie in the theaters. How about binge watch that Netflix series, or turn off your phone for your own mini tech break? Maybe you need some fun in your life? Say “no” to anything that doesn’t bring happiness and focus on YOU. 

Be Kind To Yourself

Remember that you are doing the very best you can, so be kind to yourself. Quiet your inner critic by replacing negative self-talk with acceptance and forgiveness, show yourself compassion and respect, and know that no one is perfect. Be your own cheerleader and treat yourself as you would a dear friend. 

Hopefully you found something you could use on our list, and are on your way to better health, better wellness, and the best recovery from the holiday season!