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8 Easy Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

8 Easy Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

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Getting to pay for something with a free gift card is fun. After all, you’re redeeming the cash amount of something with monetary value without having to spend your own cash — and who doesn’t like that? Prepaid stored value money cards, otherwise known as gift cards, are alternatives to extra cash that can be earned year-round through various platforms. That’s right, in the day of technology and information, getting free money is no longer limited to Grandma’s yearly birthday card.

How to Get Free Gift Cards

From Amazon to Visa, many major companies offer tons of promotional programs that help people like you redeem rewards and claim free money online for that much-needed shopping spree. From clothing to dining experiences, here are the top easy ways to earn gift cards in your spare time:

1. Scan your grocery receipts for gift cards and rewards.

Knowing there is an app made specifically for helping you earn cash back for something you already do every week is a beautiful thing. From art to travel, Fetch Rewards gives you the chance to earn a wide variety of rewards like gift cards for Amazon, Target, iTunes and more by simply scanning your grocery, shopping and restaurant receipts.

As you accumulate points with each scanned receipt, you are able to redeem more points on thousands of products every day. All rewards are redeemable as electronic gift cards, so the entire process only takes seconds to complete! Brands you already know and love such as Kraft, Similac, Suave, Q-tips and more work alongside with Fetch, so it makes shopping and redeeming rewards a seamless experience.

8 Easy Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

2. Take online surveys and share your brand opinion.

Most of us are already consuming some form of video content throughout the day, so why not win a prize for it in the process? Survey Junkie will give you points as soon as you sign up and complete your profile. Their survey site promises that each one should take less than 10 minutes while giving you the chance to earn gift cards worth five to ten dollars at a time.

Care to share your thoughts on commercials or advertisements? Let brands know what you’re thinking when you take surveys with Swagbucks. With over 20 million active members and tens of thousands of surveys, it is a trusted site for sharing your opinion on effectiveness, product appeal and other topics specific to marketing and advertising in categories like fashion, food, health and more.

3. Play games for prizes.

MyPoints has been around since 1996 — a rarity for most reward sites — and has paid out its 10 million active users with $236 million worth of gift cards and prizes from over 2,000 top retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and many others. Use the platform to play games, watch videos or go shopping online to utilize its exciting promotional deals.

GetPaidTo has fun games and puzzles to pass the time while getting the opportunity to cash in on a free gift card. From arcade games to Sudoku, there’s something available for everyone. Another bonus: the signup process is fast and free, and there’s a handy referral program called Cashback Boosts that allows users to score even more points towards prizes.

4. Get paid to shop online.

Also known as Rakuten Rewards, Ebates is a platform that refers stores they work with to you to shop at, then shares their commission from that store with you as a thank you for your purchase. Just for signing up, you are entitled to a free $10 Walmart gift card. From Amazon to FedEx, you can receive up to 22 percent cash back offers at their list of retailers. Redeem your amounts per shopping experience through a mailed check or your Paypal account.

If there is something that you are looking into purchasing online, like a pair of shoes or a shirt, you can find better prices with Honey Google Chrome extension app. Trusted by over 10 million users, Honey searches the web for the best current coupon codes to help you save money for online purchases.

5. Perform human intelligence tasks for gift cards.

If you are up for doing data clean-up, image processing, information gathering or data processing, looking into a side gig at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program, or MTurk, might be worth it. In exchange for your choice of cash directly disbursed into your checking account or a free Amazon gift card, MTurk is a way to perform simple, everyday human intelligence tasks online.

6. Search social media for sweepstakes.

Looking up hashtags on Instagram can be a useful way to search for ways to score free gifts from around the world. And now that you can follow hashtags, you will always be up-to-date with the most current ones happening. Use the discount code from sponsored and boosted posts that will land you a discount code to use at a digital retailer that’s being advertised. Start by adding these popular ones to your feed such as #giveaway, #contest, #sweepstakes, or #freebie.

7. Earn extra money back for your debit or credit card purchases.

Cash back offers are just as good as a gift card, and the Dosh app will give you the chance to attain some cold, hard cash for what you are already swiping your debit card on. After downloading it to your phone, you will have access to earning cash back at popular stores and restaurants like Forever 21, Pizza Hut, Sephora, and thousands of others. And no need to worry about sharing your precious data — Dosh uses tight 256-bit encryption bank-level security to ensure that its customers are protected.

8. Unlock your phone for money rewards.

Wouldn’t it be great to read the latest trending topics and news stories, then get reimbursed for your interest? Yes, there’s an app for that. Search the App store for the latest apps that reward you for you interests and activities.

Bottom Line

Getting your hands on free gift cards and claiming cash back rewards can be a fun and easy way to earn extra shopping money and rewards. This is especially the case when the rewards are for things you probably already planned on doing or purchasing. Feel free to share this list with everyone you know because chances are, someone could use one of these ways to score free money, too.