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8 Ways to Celebrate National Take Your Dog to Work Day

8 Ways to Celebrate National Take Your Dog to Work Day

Jasper Joyner
how to take your dog to work

Woof, woof! That’s canine for happy National Take Your Dog to Work Day! That’s right, June 21st is Bring Your Pup to Work Day, and we can’t wait to see your dog’s workwear. 

Now, you might not be able to actually take your dog to work (you can at Fetch!), but you can still celebrate with super paw-some ideas, treats and deals

Have your best Take Your Dog to Work Day yet with these 8 terrier-riffic tips. 

Check Your Doggy Offers

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8 ‘Fur-bulous’ National Take Your Dog to Work Day Ideas

8 ways to take your dog to work

Give your dog a new leash

Have your dog strut into your office with a totally new leash from Chewy. This pet website offers sales in its Today Deals section, plus free shipping on orders over $49. C’mon, it’s the leash you can do.

Dress up your fur baby

We all like to look nice for work. Who says your best bud doesn’t feel the same? SparkPaws provides a bark-load of adorable knitwear, hoodies, sweaters and even hats for your pooch, and their latest sale has apparel at 30 percent off!

Freshen up your pup

After a few weeks of hounding around, your dog might be a bone-ified mess. Get 20 percent off dog grooming with Vital Care at Petco. Your dog will look so good, they could be on the cover of Vanity Fur


Chill out with your best friend

You may love the weekends for the extra rest, but your dog loves them for a whole other reason—you’re home! Kradle’s Calming CBD chews can help your dog unwind this weekend. Some are even bacon-flavored. Yum. 

Give your dog some homework

Can’t take your dog with you this Take Your Dog to Work Day? That’s okay. Let your dog work from home with one of the interactive puzzle toys from Outward Hound. These toys increase your dog’s IQ and prevent excessive boredom—or bark-dom? 

Swaddle your dog like a baby

We all have our ruff days. If your dog struggles with separation anxiety while you work, consider nabbing a Thundershirt, a naturally calming dog vest that helps protect against stressful doggy events like thunder, fireworks, travel and more. If you sign up for their email list, you can even get 25 percent off

Treat your doggo!

Consider gifting your dog something special this Take Your Dog to Work Day, like a new subscription to BarkBox. BarkBox sends monthly dog toys and treats for referrals. When you sign up a friend, they get twice as many freebies and you earn $20 for dog treats and toys.

Adopt another dog!

Is your Fido lonely? Browse PetFinder for a local dog shelter and adopt a new friend! 

By the way, be sure to snap all your receipts and earn on your favorite brands. You can even earn a gift card with your points from the app. Maybe you can use it on a new treat on Amazon, some dog food at Walmart or all your other canine essentials from

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