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Amazon Travel Products you Need for Your Next Trip

Amazon Travel Products you Need for Your Next Trip

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Traveling could be a stressful experience: from figuring out the logistics of flights to adjusting to a new place, it takes patience and dedication to make everything run smoothly. Luckily, new technology, gadgets, and travel organizers are here to help when it comes to handling many travel-related issues. These best-selling Amazon products will dramatically improve your travel routine, from finding a perfect travel phone charger to getting your at-hotel sleep on point.

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Portable Digital Hanging Baggage Scale, $11.99

You don’t need to wait until the airport to determine if your luggage meets the weight limit. With the help of this life-saving hanging baggage scale, you can easily calculate the weight of your luggage in the comfort of your home. This electronic scale

operates under the 110 lbs weight capacity and efficiently prevents overweight baggage charges.


Twelve South AirFly Pro Audio Transmitter, $54.99

Staying entertained while traveling is crucial, but using airplane headphones to watch movies is less than convenient. With this handy travel gadget, you can connect your wireless AirPods to the airplane’s audio system for a more convenient experience. The device has a 25+ hour battery capacity to cover even the longest flight.


Apple AirTag, $29

Put this tiny tracking device in each of your suitcases to get peace of mind that your luggage will arrive with you. Connecting your AirTags with your iPhone or iPad takes a few minutes, and you can safely track the tag location, which is crucial if you are dealing with a lost luggage situation.


Travel Cable Organizer Bag, $18.99

If you count how many times you traveled and forgot to pack a cable for your electronic devices and had to buy a new one, you’d easily justify the price of this stylish cable organizer. Memory cards, phone and laptop chargers, extra batteries, hard drives, and power banks will fit in this stylish zipped bag. This water-repellent pouch will help you stay organized while protecting your cables from accidental water spills.

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Portable Jewelry Case, $7.99

This under $10 Amazon find looks so luxurious that you’ll never guess this chic travel jewelry case is not coming from a fancy store. This little travel helper ensures your necklaces and bracelets won’t tangle in your suitcase. Most importantly, with separate compartments for bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces, you’ll ensure your precious keepsakes are all secured in one place so you can immediately transfer them from a carry-on to a safe in your hotel room.


Travel Power Strip with USB Ports, $16.99

Sometimes, you need an extension cord and multiple outlets when traveling, especially on a cruise. This portable power strip offers no surge protection for four outlets and three USB ports, while a portable wrap-around cord extends up to four feet. Customers report that this power strip is the most efficient way to charge their electronic devices when traveling.


Daily Pill Organizer, $12.99

While there are many travel pills organizers on Amazon, not all are perfect for long trips. Sometimes, prescribed medication won’t fit the typical 7-days pill boxes. This case, in comparison, divides pills by category so you can bring more even if you carry bigger tablets.


Hatch Sound Machine and Smart Light, $129

If you are experiencing problems with falling asleep in a hotel, this personal sleep routine device might be a great solution. It features a customized sunrise alarm clock that gently wakes you up and adjusts white noise sound and light settings via a convenient app. In other words, this all-in-one sleeping machine ensures you have the best night of sleep either while traveling or at home.


Portable Steamer for Clothes, $39.99

Get your clothes to look presentable in a few moments with the help of this lightweight and easy-to-pack steamer. Suitable for vertical and horizontal steaming, this leak-proof steamer is ideal for all fabrics and removes wrinkles from your clothes gentler than an iron. 

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Airplane Travel Essentials Phone Holder, $13.99

If you prefer downloading and watching your movies on a plane, this portable phone holder will help to free up your hands in flight. A robust clamp perfectly attaches to the seat in front of you so your phone won’t drop even during turbulence.


Magnetic Travel Wireless Charging Station, $39.99

If you are an Apple fan with multiple devices or want to charge your phone and headphones simultaneously, this device is for you. With this three-in-one wireless charger, you can power up all of your devices simultaneously without too many cords involved. Most importantly, this elegant charging station is foldable so that it won’t take up too much space in your luggage.


While gadgets make traveling more convenient, there are ways to improve your traveling routine further. For instance, you can save money and earn free reward cards by signing up and using the Fetch app. You can sync your Amazon account to receive points on travel and non-travel-related purchases there. Once you’ve accumulated some points, convert them into store cards and enjoy your shopping credits! The set-up takes just a few minutes, and then you’d click one button to upload your Amazon receipts into Fetch. Easy-peasy, but it saves you so much money!