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College Shower Caddie
Building the ultimate college shower caddy with Fetch

Listen up, future leaders of the world. I’m going to give you a piece of…

Father's Day Gift Guide
The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for Snap Daddies: Gifts for Every Budget

Infamous for their aversion to gifts of any kind, papa’s around the globe shake their…

Financial Literacy
Using The Fetch App To Teach Financial Literacy to Kids

Financial literacy is an essential life skill that everyone needs to learn at some point…

Mother's Day Gift Guide
Get Mother’s Day Right With The Perfect Gift

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide, Mother’s Day Gifts for Under $25, $50, and $100…

Zombie Survival Guide
Zombie Apocalypse? Fetch has you covered

“So what, you were a prepper, or somethin’?” “Survivalist.” -The Last of Us.  We’ve all…

Most Popular Ballpark Foods
The Best Ballpark Food at Every MLB Stadium: Fetch Has The Receipts

What are the Popular Snacks (and popular snaps) at the Ballpark? Move over peanuts and…

Pharmacist Showing How to Use Fetch and GoodRx
Fetch and GoodRx: A Streamlined Saving Experience

Filling up prescriptions doesn’t always have to be a pain. You might be one of…

Fetch Hits the Clubs Exclusive Savings in the App Now
Fetch Hits the Clubs: Exclusive Savings in the App Now

You probably already know that Fetch earns you big points on all your purchases, which…

How to do Father’s Day the Fetch Way
How to Do Father’s Day the Fetch Way

It’s almost Father’s Day (June 19th), and if you’re anything like me, that means you…