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Red Envy Apple with apple slice placed on top of full apple
Fetch’s Favorite Fall Apple Recipes Featuring Envy Apples

As we turn the page on summertime and the delicious tomatoes yielded from local farmer’s…

Friends cooking together in a kitchen
Fetch Recipes: Best Food & Drink Ideas

Trying to decide what to eat tonight? Or looking for easy drink menu ideas for…

Man excitedly checking his phone
How To Redeem Fetch Points: The Guide

What’s up, Fetch Fam! Quick update before we get into the nitty-gritty, Fetch has new…

People eating traditional Latin American dishes
The different names for “beans” throughout Latin America

Beans are known by many different names in Spanish-speaking countries. Depending on who you ask,…

Road Trip With Fetch and Casey's banner over map background
Midwest Road Trip Hacks Using Fetch and Casey’s – The Ultimate Midwest Road Trip Guide

When it comes to road trips, the Midwest is the perfect destination. Not only is…

Group of people looking at the Fetch app on their phones
Fetch App Reviews & User Testimonials

At Fetch, we’re always finding new ways to delight and reward our users. Check out…

Fetch and Liquid Death
Fetch and Liquid Death: Treat Yourself With a Refreshing Experience

Drinking water isn’t always fun…but your body needs water. If you want to try great…

Fastest Way to 10,000 Fetch points on a single receipt
How To Get 10,000 Points on Fetch

It’s a simple question: how do you earn 10,000 points on Fetch? Rest assured, it’s…

Back-to-school price trends
Back To School Price Trends

Back-to-school shopping is back, though does it ever really go away? We’ve compiled a list…

How to Get Free Amazon.com Gift Cards From Fetch Rewards
How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards from Fetch and Save Money Online

With Prime Day coming up, be sure you’ve redeemed your rewards for free Amazon gift…