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Best at-Home Fitness Equipment to Help with Your Workout Goals

Best at-Home Fitness Equipment to Help with Your Workout Goals

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Whether you are a busy mom trying to fit in a workout in your busy schedule or just an at-home gym enthusiast, hundreds of products on Amazon will help you elevate your routine. This at-home fitness equipment guide will help you navigate all the Amazon offerings to find only tried-and-true options — on a budget! 


Dumbbell Set with a Stand, $41.99

If you are starting with your at-home workout routine, this colorful and high-quality dumbbell set is a great beginner option. The lightest weight in the set is three pounds. You can use it for a tricep workout or as a starter weight for your online barre or pilates class. The heaviest weight in this dumbbell set is a perfect starting weight for your bicep and weighted squat exercises.


Resistance Bands Set, $9.99

While various resistance band offerings exist on Amazon, users most recommend this one for its non-slipping characteristics. The bands will only occupy a little space in your house, but you can do various workouts using your body weight, from glute and leg workouts to arms and stretching. An e-book and a video guide on effectively using your three-band workout set is a lovely bonus with this band set.


Therapy Ball for Trigger Point Massage, $24.86

Regardless of how well you warm up before and stretch after your workouts, it’s almost unavoidable that you’d have stiff muscles at some point in your workout journey. For situations like that, it’s crucial to have a trigger ball like this available. When you have a painful spot, use this conveniently sized trigger point massage ball to loosen up the area. This massage ball could be used on any site of your body, from your neck to your glutes and even your abs.


Survival and Cross Jump Rope, $10.95

Consider this affordable jump rope if you need more space for a cardio machine in your home gym or are not ready for such a significant investment. Depending on your jumping tempo, you can burn as many or even more calories than just jogging. Most importantly, you can use this universal workout tool at home and outdoors.


Exercise Ball Chair, $39.97

Compared to your typical exercise ball, this Amazon home gym gem also includes resistance bands and a stability base that allows using it as a posture-enhancing chair. You can do 30 different resistance exercises with this one ball, not to mention many stretching routines. But the most practical use of this ball is to use it as a chair; you’ll notice how much your posture improves once you start using this exercise ball in place of your office chair.


Ab Roller Wheel Kit, $19.99

Doing abs crunches is one of the basic exercises you can do at home. If you are an experienced abs workout person, consider leveling up your routine with this affordable ab roller kit. It features a wheel that helps you further engage your abs and a convenient mini mat to protect your knees while exercising.


Core Sliders for Working Out, $12.95

Planks are a strenuous exercise, but if you are ready to challenge yourself further, check out these sliders. You can use them on a carpet or a wooden floor for several low-impact core and stability exercises. Each core slider is 7 inches in diameter, making it a portable and convenient at-home gym equipment staple.


Rowing Machine, $299

Of all the cardio equipment, rowing machines are the least expensive and the most efficient in calorie burning. You can find many high-quality rowing machine options on Amazon for under $300. These foldable options will take less space than a treadmill or an elliptical. You’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn in a quick rowing session!


Weight Ring, $42.44

Kettlebells and dumbbells are the most traditional shapes of weights you see at gyms. But these classic pieces of equipment are only ideal for some exercises. Consider this circle-shaped 10 lbs weight if you plan on doing lightweight squads or weighted crunches at your home gym. You’ll find that this weight ring is more convenient to handle for these and many more types of exercises.

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Polyfit Adjustable Kettlebell, $66.99

It’s a stereotype that a kettlebell has to be metal, black or gray, and overall not fun looking. Equip your home gym with this three-hues-of-pink kettlebell that you can adjust from five to twelve pounds. This compact weights set is ideal for beginners and will only take up a little space in your home gym. When you are ready to upgrade your weights collection with a heavier kettlebell, you may continue using this pink set for upper-body workouts.


Putting together a well-thought-after home gym is an easy way to save money on gym membership fees and personal training. But did you know there is an even more effortless way to save cash while working on your fitness goals? Download the Fetch App and collect points on in-store and Amazon purchases. Then, you may convert these points into gift cards to popular retailers, where you can find all the products you need to reward yourself for your fitness accomplishments!