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Fetch 101: How to Supercharge Your Fetch Earning Power

Fetch 101: How to Supercharge Your Fetch Earning Power

Chris Zimmerman
Fetch 101: How to Supercharge Your Fetch Earning Power

We’ll always choose the slowest line in the grocery store (every time, I swear), just like Fetch will always earn you points on every receipt. But there are a few tricks to getting even more out of the app every time you shop.

Here’s how the highest point earners in the Fetchiverse save money and rack up rewards lighting fast without breaking a sweat.

Fetch Firework Shop Your Special Offers

It sounds obvious but it’s easy to forget. What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. As you’re building next week’s shopping list, browse through the Discover tab in the app and see which high-value Special Offers catch your eye. These products earn you tons of points super fast.

Fetch Firework Choose Point-Earning Brands

Every receipt earns you points. But there are hundreds of brands on Fetch that earn you extra. And if you’re reading this, you like extra. Whatever you’re shopping for, chances are Fetch has a brand that’ll earn you more points. You can find them all on the Discover page in the app.

Fetch Firework Find Offers Expiring Soon

The worst feeling a Fetch user can have is letting the perfect Special Offer pass them by. But worry not, avoiding this costly mistake is just a tap away. Check out the ‘Expiring First’ filter on the Discover page and see which offers are disappearing soon.

Fetch Firework Use the ‘For You’ Filter

You’ll find one of the newest Fetch features in the Special Offers section on the Discover page. This ‘For You’ filter serves up offers relevant to your shopping habits and purchase history. Which means you can spend less time searching for deals, and more time stacking your rewards.

Don’t see this filter yet? No worries. We’re rolling it out to all users soon.

Fetch Firework Redeem Offers Multiple Times

Some Special Offers can be redeemed more than once. When you find an offer you like, tap it and head to the details page to see how many redemptions are allowed. It’s a great way to stock up on your favorite items and earn tons of points quickly.

Fetch Firework Feeling Inspired?

Give these tips a shot before your next trip to the store and enjoy all the extra points on your next receipt. Stay tuned for more Fetch 101 guides coming soon.