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Fetch and GoodRx: A Streamlined Saving Experience

Fetch and GoodRx: A Streamlined Saving Experience

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Pharmacist Showing How to Use Fetch and GoodRx

Filling up prescriptions doesn’t always have to be a pain. You might be one of the thousands of users who already enjoy the flexibility and savings offered by GoodRx on Fetch. 

Now, the GoodRx + Fetch collaboration is streamlined to bring more convenience and rewards to your shopping experience. 

New features allow you to search by pharmacy location, medication, and featured coupons to receive the lowest price on medications. Your GoodRx membership card is conveniently stored in the app under the ‘me’ tab, so there’s no more forgetting to bring it out when you run errands.

GoodRx and Fetch rewards

How To Use GoodRx within the Fetch App:

Once you’ve opened the app, simply follow these steps to start saving:

  • Search by pharmacy location, medication, or featured coupons
  • Receive the lowest price on medications
  • Find your GoodRx membership card stored in the app under the “me” tab
  • Present your coupon to the pharmacist to receive your rewards and savings

And you’ll continue to earn points, of course! You’ll receive 10,000 points on your first use of GoodRx, and earn 1,500 points on every transaction after that. 

GoodRx and Fetch rewards

Overall, we project up to 34% savings for some users who use GoodRx for their medication purchases. 

Another exciting feature is the ability to search and index coupons for medications. This allows you to comparison shop between retailers and pick the best price. No printing or clipping necessary, just save the coupon for when you check out. 

GoodRx and Fetch rewards

And don’t worry, the GoodRx you know and love isn’t going anywhere—you can still use your GoodRx card located in the ‘help’ section. Click here to learn more about this exciting new feature. And remember to make sure you update the latest version of Fetch to take advantage of these new savings! 

GoodRx and Fetch rewards