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Fetch Leadership Talks Tracking ROI

Fetch Leadership Talks Tracking ROI

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Fetch Focus ROI

Fetch is launching a new B2B content series called Fetch Focus that features our people from the Fetch Fam and subject matter experts discussing consumer, category, and retailer perspectives that are challenging the status quo for the better.

The first roundtable discussion brings together a diverse group from our leadership team – Wes Schroll, Founder & CEO, Pat Burke, Chief Revenue Officer, David Berk, Group President of Product & Technology, and Nupur Sadiwala, Chief Financial Officer – to talk about the history, the future, and the facts of determining an accurate ROI. The discussion focuses on the inherent flaws with traditional ROI measurement that has been the industry standard for decades. Fetch’s application of holdouts and use of 1st party purchase data from over 13 million monthly active users is disrupting the analyses, yielding a more accurate, real-time result.

Watch the full video to learn more about why it is so important to challenge the current industry approach to evaluating ROI and the value it has related to measuring investments more accurately.

Connect with the team at Fetch to learn about driving incremental ROI, first-party data strategy, and more. Reach out for a demo on how we can help you learn more about consumers and customers to grow your business.