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Fetch Like a Plastic: A Mean Girls Breakdown

Fetch Like a Plastic: A Mean Girls Breakdown

Whitney Smith
Make Fetch Happen

Two things every millennial knows: Mean Girls is one of the most iconic movies of our generation and Fetch is the most rewarding effing app you’ve ever used. 

Fetch isn’t a regular savings app. It’s a cool app with tons of ways to save money and engage with friends. Some of us cash out weekly for small treats like Starbucks or McDonald’s. Others tend to hoard their points for something bigger like a flight with Delta or Southwest or shopping spree at Target or Nordstrom.

But have you ever wondered how The Plastics would use Fetch? Put on your army pants and flip flops and learn how to Fetch like a Plastic!


Regina was spotted wearing Fetch merch and within a few days, almost everyone in her social network had downloaded the app. Her time in the Social tab is usually spent unfriending anyone who’s beating her on the leaderboard. And don’t hold your breath waiting for a friend request from Regina. She doesn’t send them, she just gets them. 

She keeps a close eye on her Discover feed looking for offers on all things healthy and nutritious. She really wants to lose three pounds, okay! Although her receipts for cheese fries say otherwise. 


Karen is on a first name basis with most of the Fetch Support Team. She can’t seem to understand why her receipts aren’t getting her any points (note: she keeps snapping the back of her receipts). 

When Karen can’t go out because *cough cough* she’s sick, she takes advantage of eReceipts for all her Amazon and Walmart online orders. She’s sent her first cousin Seth several texts with her referral code even though…let’s just say, there’s a 60% chance they’re already friends. She still manages to rack up the points though! And when it’s time for a reward, she goes for the Taco Bell gift card every time. 


Gretchen is a bit of a lurker when it comes to the Social tab. She can’t help it, she just needs to know what everyone is buying. She also has to make sure Jason isn’t snapping receipts from the same places as Taylor Waddel. 

She may not be the queen bee, but Gretch is the queen of referrals. She’s earned so many points from referrals, she’s being investigated for fraud. Which she says is totally unfair because she shouldn’t be punished for being well liked. 

As the daughter of the inventor of Toaster Strudel, Gretchen has a fierce loyalty to General Mills. The Good Rewards Club is her go-to spot for exclusive offers. 

Everyone’s Welcome 

Don’t worry about any cliques here. No matter where you sit in the cafeteria, you’ll fit in with Fetch! Whether you’re baking a cake made of rainbows and smiles or just need to buy enough cheese and crackers for eight people, you’ll find yourself earning major points in no time. 

But don’t take our word for it, let a familiar face tell you more about the joys of Fetch!