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Get More Rewards with the General Mills Good Rewards Program and Fetch

Get More Rewards with the General Mills Good Rewards Program and Fetch

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Fetch Rewards and General Mills Launch Good Rewards

Here at Fetch, we absolutely love finding new ways to reward our users. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of Good Rewards, a brand-new loyalty program available within the Fetch app.

What is General Mills Good Rewards?

General Mills Good Rewards is a loyalty program that has partnered with Fetch to help users earn even more points for free gift cards. Users of Fetch who join Good Rewards with the Fetch app will gain access to exclusive special offers for General Mills products. These special offers can then be completed for hundreds of extra Fetch points.

A Fetch Rewards Coin Fetch Pro-Tip: Check the Fetch app regularly to see which products give the most Good Rewards points. Buy those products (of your choice), and then scan your receipt to get tons of points for free gift cards

The Fetch Good Rewards program provides members-only access to exclusive special offers, for more than 45 brands, in addition to 1% back in points that Fetch shoppers earn when they buy General Mills products.

How Do You Sign Up for Good Rewards with Fetch?

Fetch Rewards and General MIlls are teaming up to launch a new loyalty program called Good Rewards

Signing up is simple — just open your Fetch app and look for the Good Rewards logo on the “Discover” page. Once you’ve opted in, you’ll instantly receive your first special offer. Good Rewards members can also explore the Box Tops for Education program and access special recipes, right in the Fetch app.

Fetch + Good Rewards Products and Brands

To view Good Rewards brands, once signed up for the Good Rewards program, navigate to the “Me” tab in the Fetch app and tap on the Good Rewards club. On that screen, you will see “General Mills Brands”. If you select ‘View all’ you can then see a list of the many General Mills brands on the Fetch app! Even if you do not see an offer for a specific brand, you can still earn points just for purchasing it.

When you think General Mills, cereal is probably the first thing that comes to mind — the company is behind iconic brands like Cheerios, Lucky Charms, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But there’s so much more! The General Mills portfolio also includes an array of healthy snack bars and granola, yogurts, soups, pasta sauces, Tex-Mex favorites, baking products, and many other great products. Fetch users love these brands – 60% of our 15 million active users buy them!

Here’s a list of all the great General Mills brands that can earn you some really Good Rewards (see what we did there?):

Start Saving Money on General Mills Products

Get thousands of extra points, for free gift cards, when you purchase General Mills products with the Fetch app. Click the buttons below or scan the QR code with your smartphone’s, camera to get started today.