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Forage with Fetch: Feast on Points in the App

Forage with Fetch: Feast on Points in the App

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Forage with Fetch Feast on Points in the App

Welcome to another edition of our series on how to cultivate a Fetch points-packed meal. Let’s dive in and learn how to earn extra points for some of our favorite dishes and food brands.

Fetch FireworkMeal-Prepping with Points

Some swear by stuffing their fridge with neatly-packed tupperware full of their meals on Sunday nights. Others choose to fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to weekday sustenance. 

I fall into the latter category. Luckily, with Fetch, you don’t have to choose between a spreadsheet of menus or living last-minute when it comes to meal planning. 

On any given week, you’ll find great offers to reward yourself, AND your taste buds. Here’s what I’ve got cooking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this week, with some snacks and tasty treats thrown in for good measure.

Fetch Firework Breakfast with Ben

You might’ve heard about our partnership with General Mills and the Good Rewards program. It’s how you can net 3,000 points after spending $35 or more on General Mills brands. Their portfolio includes iconic breakfast staples like Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Pillsbury, Wheaties, and Yoplait. 

Stock up on your favorite morning munchies and earn a cool 3k in the process.

Fetch General Mills Special Offer

Fetch Firework Midday Munchies

I like to splurge when it comes to afternoon snacks. Something carby always hits the spot. Besides getting 1,000 points after spending $10 on Totino’s Pizza Rolls, you can stack a sandwich sky-high when you take 650 points on select sliced cheese from Sargento. 

There are too many loaves to count on the app, so put that cheese between a bread of your choosing. 

And, if you’re feeling like a little kid (or just taking care of one) you’ll love 500 points on Annie’s Mac & Cheese.

Fetch Firework Dinner is Served

This week, make every night taco night with Old El Paso. Grab a ground protein of your choosing and mix in some taco seasoning, stick ‘em in a hard taco shell or soft tortilla, (I’m #TeamSoft), and top with 750 points when you spend $10 on south-of-the-border flavors.

Fetch Old El Paso Offer

When all else fails, go with Little Caesars. Throw in some sides or a dessert along with your Hot-N-Ready pizza and grab 1,500 points after spending $20.

Fetch Firework Just Sweet Enough

Sweet tooth got you craving dessert? Don’t worry, Fetch is full of goodies that can satisfy even the most insatiable and sugary souls. 

For my money, this conversation can start and end with some Dunkaroos. That’s right, they’re BACK and on Fetch—with many ways to get rewarded on ‘em, too! Search “Dunkaroos” in the app and see how you can save on this nostalgic nosh. For a foreign flavor, try out the German chocolate biscuits from Bahlsen. They come with a cool 1,000 points.

Fetch Bahlsen Offer

And as always, you’ll get 10 points for every dollar you spend on Ben & Jerry’s. And, who doesn’t love ice cream?

Fetch Firework Cheers to Rewards

The guy on the $100 bill said a day without wine is like a day without sunshine and I feel the same way about Fetch. 

When you’re looking to pair your dinner (or lunch, we won’t tell) with something a little stronger, there’s a great offer from Pernod Ricard – you’ll get 3,000 points when you spend $20 on your favorite wines & spirits. 

For those who are more into suds, there’s a range of offers for Coors and Coors Light – along with hard seltzer options from Topo Chico and VIZZY. Keep these offers in your back pocket for whatever this weekend entails.  

— — —

If you’re ever struggling to decide on how to plan your week’s eats, just fire up Fetch for some inspiration!

And, if you don’t have the app yet, and want to start earning points for free gift cards, just click the buttons or scan the QR code below to get started.