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Friends, Family and Fetch Points: A Look Back at Year-End Conversations

Friends, Family and Fetch Points: A Look Back at Year-End Conversations

Amanda Jeppson

Finally, Something Nice on the Internet.

Fetch is there for you, especially during the holidays (or should I say: holiYAYs?). We analyzed our social media mentions and saw a major increase in posts about Fetch and the holidays in 2021, much of them driven by Fetch’s festive giveaways. Nothing like some free Fetch points to put you in a jolly mood!

Our CEO & founder, Wes Schroll (Follow Wes on Instagram), kicked off the season in a big way with his 10 Days of Giving campaign, which generated more than 170,000 entries for the opportunity to win points. When we asked what you’d spend your points on during our Snappy Holidays promotion, you talked about Amazon gift cards the most. During the Holiday Points Party Giveaway, we asked followers to share their favorite aspects of the holidays, including their favorite tunes, shows, and foods (check out the results here), alongside their favorite traditions and the funniest gifts they’d ever received. 

But then things got deep. In the #FetchHappy Giveaway, y’all shared your stories about how Fetch impacted your life. When the holidays came up, Fetch represented a way to buy gifts and to connect with other family members (through referrals and competitions). Although circumstances (e.g. job loss, medical bills, etc.) made holiday gifting a challenge for some, Fetch alleviated a bit of that stress. Stay-at-home parents and single parents described using the app for extra money and gifts. Cash-strapped college students dutifully snapped to save for the holidays. Oftentimes, Fetchers focused on giving to others rather than treating themselves. No matter the situation, Fetch contributed to your Christmas gifts, holiday meals, and sometimes donations to families in need.

It goes without saying, but Fetchers are all about family. Much of the chatter about Fetch, the holidays, and family was on social media, and revolved around people leveraging Fetch for gifts (for both your own families and those in need) and referrals. Besides referencing “Christmas Eve” you most often used the phrase “Christmas gifts for my family.” When we looked at who was being talked about the most, family and children topped the list. Friends, grandchildren, and spouses also frequently came up. 

Holidays with Fetch

We love rewarding our Fetchers, and we are proud and honored that you use Fetch during good times (and bad) to treat your families (and hopefully yourselves).