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Give & Get Points: Bring Fetch to the Holidays

Give & Get Points: Bring Fetch to the Holidays

Amanda Jeppson
How did you hear about Fetch

Inquiring minds wanted to know, so we asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook how they got hooked on Fetch, and between Nov 17 and November 23, 2022, we got 877 responses! 

While we recently reported on some of the most random people that users have referred to the app, family and friends are at the heart of sharing Fetch

With the upcoming holidays, now is the perfect time to pay it forward and refer your friends and family. You’re already saving money, so why not help your loved ones save money too? Plus, you both get points with each referral. Win-win-win-win, amirite?

FURTHERMORE, whether getting into the competitive spirit and sizing up the competition on the leaderboard, talking about the great special offers you’ve taken advantage of, discussing the latest clubs you’ve joined in-app, or bragging about your most recent reward redemption, Fetch is a safe topic of conversation to avoid awkward silences or unpleasant political conversations around the festive dinner table. 

With everyone gathering for the holidays, consider videoing or photographing your referrals or your Fetchiest moments, tag @FetchRewards on Instagram or Twitter, and use #FetchHappy. 

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