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How to Do Father’s Day the Fetch Way

How to Do Father’s Day the Fetch Way

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How to do Father’s Day the Fetch Way

It’s almost Father’s Day (June 19th), and if you’re anything like me, that means you probably whiffed on getting something for your dad. 

It can be tough to find the right gift for dads. Thankfully, if you’re also like me, you have a new secret weapon to combat the unimaginative last-minute gifts of yesteryear: Fetch. 

This Father’s Day, why not find something in the app for the man who wants nothing? From grilling staples to tasty sips, you’ll be able to find great Special Offers for every variety of father. Keep reading to find out the best Fetch tips for Father’s Day and how to get free gift cards to some of Dad’s favorite stores.

Rewarding Mr. Fix-it

How to get free home improvement gift cards

Is your dad the DIY type who always has a project going on? Idle hands and all that. Well, luckily, you can fuel his home-improvement habit with a gift from Fetch! Redeem your Fetch points to get free gift cards from Lowe’s or Home Depot. It might just be what the doctor ordered because now, that worn-out bathroom tile doesn’t stand a chance.

If he’s more into under-the-hood projects, consider a gift card from Autozone or Advance Auto Parts for gearhead dads. You can find all of these amazing gift cards in the app—grease rags not included. 

How to earn free automotive gift cards

Hail to the Chef

We all know grilling is an important part of summer, but especially for Father’s Day. Make his day with something delicious from Fetch’s Special Offers. 

Right now, you’ll find great grillable brands in the app. Take Tyson and Ball Park, for example. Chicken and hotdogs go great with sauces and dressings from The New Primal, Tabasco, or Hellmann’s/Best Foods. Wash it all down with something cool from Molson-Coors or Pepsi

Fetch Meat and Sauce Special offers

Boom. Father’s Day cookout complete!

BBQ Smart Shopping Tips

Be sure to check out our post on the most popular BBQ sauces, to get inspired, and learn how to get bonus points on a variety of grilling and cooking products.

Teach a Man to Fetch…

It’s never too late to teach your dad a new skill.* Like how to earn big with his referral code in the Fetch app. It’s as easy as showing him where to locate his code, under the “Me” tab in the app, and letting his imagination run wild. 

Here are three dad-friendly ways to get him started.

Group Of Male Golfers on Fathers Day

1. For the Dads

Does your dad play golf? Mine too. See if he’ll give his golf pals an extra mulligan on the round if he refers them to Fetch. If they’re smart, they’ll take the stroke and run.

Kid mowing the lawn

2. Grass-Stained Rewards

It’s a known fact that dads love nothing more than mowing the lawn. But you know what they also love? A break every once in a while. Arrange to have the neighbor kid mow the lawn while dad takes the afternoon off. A $20 bill and your dad’s referral code are a good place to start the negotiations. 

Kid showing dad the Fetch phone app

3. Take Advantage of the Moment

For every brother, sister, uncle, niece, or nephew who texts your dad on June 19 (remember this date), make sure your dad hits ‘em back with a “thank you,” and his referral code. It’s the fatherly thing to do. 

*Disclaimer: Results may vary 

His Most Rewarding Father’s Day Yet

However you’re celebrating your dad or father-figure this year, Fetch is here to help you add a little pizzazz to Pop’s big day. Dads love a good deal, so be sure to keep going after those bonus points and free dad-friendly gift cards. We hope it’s a blast!

Start Earning Points and Free Gift Cards

You don’t have the Fetch app yet? It’s not too late to start getting points for Father’s Day. Click the buttons below, or scan the QR code with your smartphone camera, to download the app and get started.