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How to Get Free Clothes Online: The Guide

How to Get Free Clothes Online: The Guide

Katya Bychkova Beauty Expert Style Expert
Free Clothes Guide

In the era of social media and the direct-to-consumer approach by many brands, getting free clothes is much easier than you think. As soon as you have some social media followers and know about the best free clothes apps, consider your wardrobe full of free clothes.

Get Free Clothes Through Referrals

Many brands offer generous referral programs where you can introduce friends to a new service and, in exchange, get store credit to use on the brand’s website for yourself. Typically, you and a friend you are referring to the service get some kickback out of it, so it’s technically free clothes for you and your friend.

Consider the following free clothes apps that offer referral bonuses.

Free clothes apps and websites where you can get designer and high-end items:

  • Rent The Runway is an online rental service that allows you to borrow clothes and accessories from high-end brands for a fixed monthly price. The brand runs a referral program enabling you to borrow free garments (up to 3 designer pieces for a month) if you refer a friend. It’s a win-win because your friend will receive 40% off their first month, and you get extra free clothes. Another option of offering your friend $30 off a one-time rental also gives you a $30 credit towards future one-time orders.
  • Vivrelle is a luxury designer handbag and jewelry rental program. The brand offers a selection of high-end bags from brands like Chanel, Dior, Fendi, and Hermes. If you are already a member, you can get a free month of Vivrelle membership (two designer handbags rental for a month; membership worth $99) if you refer two people who join Vivrelle.

Free clothes apps offering free vintage and/or used items:

  • Thred-Up, the most comprehensive online platform for used clothes, offers an ongoing promo for new clients: $10 off your first order plus free shipping. While it might not seem like a lot, since it’s a used clothes app, you can find many under $10 deals, including a selection of $4+ new clothes with tags. Another option is selling unwanted clothes on Thred-Up to earn cash for future purchases.
  • Poshmark is an app where you can sell unwanted clothes, accessories, and household goods and earn money. You can also purchase all of the above for very reasonable prices. Poshmark also runs a great referral program, where you can earn $10 for every friend who signs up with your link.

Try Clothes Swaps to Get Free Items

There are various ways to turn unwanted clothes into new ones you wear. Whether you are swapping clothes with your friends or via one of the free clothes apps, this is a free-of-charge way to update your wardrobe without spending a penny!

A clothes swap party is easy to organize. Invite friends with a few items (or a few dozen) that no longer fit or suit their lifestyle. Create a set of rules: for instance, everyone brings ten items of clothes in perfect condition, and there is no monetary exchange involved, just pure swapping. You’ll be surprised how exciting clothes swap parties are! Most importantly, everyone leaves the party with a brand-new wardrobe — free of charge!

Online clothes swapping is also an option! Poshmark is one of the apps you need to know if you want to score free clothes online. It’s one of the biggest platforms for selling used clothes and offers a clothes-swapping option. You’d have to find a listing with an item you love and offer a seller to pick an item to trade in from your closet. This free clothes app is a social media platform where you can ask questions, request additional photos of the item you are trying to swap, and interact with other sellers.

Local websites like Craiglist and Facebook Marketplace offer barter options, including clothes. You can either list your items and request what type of clothes or accessories you’d like to find in return or search through already available listings. Since both services are local-oriented, you can save money on shipping your free clothes.

Where Can I Get Free Clothes Online?

Sometimes, all you need to get free clothes online is to make a few clicks on social media or by being active online. Tons of giveaways, free offers, and promotions are happening regularly on each social media platform. Use these ideas to score your free clothes on social media apps.

  • Are you feeling lucky? If so, consider entering one of many daily clothes giveaways on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Searching for free clothes giveaways, check out hashtags like #fashiongiveaway, #giveawayusa, and #luxurygiveaway. Read each sweepstake rule carefully to ensure your entry counts.

You can receive free clothes, beauty products, and household items by joining the Influenster app. It’s an online community where you can earn points by leaving product reviews. All you need to do is register, connect your social media platforms, and start sharing your thoughts on various products you already buy and use daily. Once you accumulate enough reviews, you’ll start receiving boxes of free products for review, including free clothes.

Clothes, especially these days, can rack up costs fast. Plan ahead enough you can use your Fetch points to help save on your clothes, be sure to snap every receipt and redeem those points for your favorite rewards!