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How to Get Free Diapers 

How to Get Free Diapers 

How to Get Free Diapers

With costs going up on everything from gas to groceries, families are looking for every way they can to save, including how to save on baby expenses or even get free diapers and baby wipes.

According to a 2010 US Department of Agriculture report, the average middle-income family spends between $12,000 and $14,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s first year, and in the decade since, costs have only continued to rise. But no matter their income, so many parents admit they are struggling to afford diapers and other essential baby supplies right now.

If you are among those looking for a way to save money and even score free diapers, there are several ways to do it.

Here are some of the best ways we’ve found:

1. How to Save Money on Diapers 

Register to receive free samples at your preferred brand. 

Some brands, like Huggies, provide free disposable or cloth trial diapers through in-house programs or partnerships with local non-profits.

They also offer samples — and sometimes entire boxes of diapers! — to people that sign up for their loyalty programs. In return for continued support at local retailers, diaper brands often pass on savings to parents in need of some assistance themselves.

Huggies diapers - Special delivery

And while one baby can be expensive, imagine how overwhelming shopping for multiple babies might be! Did you just give birth to twins or triplets?! Huggies has special programs for you. For free Huggies diapers coupons, send information about your babies — including name, address, and copies of the babies’ birth certificates — to Kimberly Clark Corporation, Departure QMB, PO Box 2020, Neenah, WI 54957.

Take surveys.

Survey sites like Survey Junkie allow you to earn cash and gift cards simply by sharing your opinion. These rewards can be used to purchase everyday needs, like diapers and baby wipes (or splurges, because we could all use a treat sometimes, too!). You might have to fill out a LOT of surveys, but when every extra little bit counts, your thoughts could help brands to better assist families, and a few moments of your time can really add up the savings.

2. How to Get Free Diapers and Wipes

Join the National Diaper Bank Network.

Statistics have shown that a third of families in the U.S. experience diaper need, which leaves babies exposed to potential health risks and could prevent them from being able to attend care facilities. The National Diaper Bank Network is one of the leading organizations working to change this.

If you are among those in urgent need, call 2-1-1 on your phone or search online at to find out if an agency in your area can provide diaper assistance. Specialists are available 24/7 to help identify local resources.

There are many organizations that work with the National Diaper Bank Network or that also work to distribute diapers to those in need. Community free diaper banks may also offer additional necessary baby supplies, like wipes or formula.

Families in the military, foster care program, and other special needs infants can seek assistance from organization’s that specialize in helping these communities, like the You Saved Me Foundation, which offers much-needed services to low income and homeless neighbors in San Diego, Philadelphia, and Orlando.

Many churches, YMCAs, and local food pantries also stock items like diapers and wipes.

Across the country, the National Diaper Bank Network partners with organizations like these and others that can assist lower-income families or those struggling to be able to afford essentials for their babies.

Check Community Bulletin Boards. 

Sure, you can look on actual boards at the library or other community gathering places, but increasingly these resources have moved online. Exchange websites like Freecycle, Facebook Communities, or even Craigslist may have postings about diaper exchanges or neighbors offering extra resources they can no longer use.

And while you are looking for free diapers, remember to list those things your baby has outgrown that someone else might be able to put to good use!

Consult your Pediatrician.

Doctors and local hospitals are great resources for those needing a little extra help or looking for every conceivable way to save money on diapers. After delivery and before you are discharged from the hospital, be sure to ask about free samples and other resources that are available to take with you. Much like formula, doctors likely also have access to diapers samples they may be able to allocate, or they can point you in the direction of additional organizations that may be able to offer free diapers and wipes.

How to Save Money on Diapers and Wipes on Amazon and Other Retailers

Join Amazon Family.

Amazon Family is a program that gives Amazon Prime members some serious discounts on items like diapers, baby food, and more. It doesn’t cost anything additional to join — it is built into the cost of your Amazon Prime membership — and provides members the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive family-oriented offers, age-based recommendations, and discount coupons. As part of Amazon Family’s parent referral program, you can also earn credit for essentials like diapers and wipes by recommending to your friends and family that they sign up.

Sign up for an Amazon Baby Registry. 

Just signing up for a baby registry at Amazon will score you a new baby gift box with a value of $35, but the savings continue since the Registry Diaper Discount gives eligible registrants 20% off on some diaper brands all the way until your child’s first birthday.

Snap your receipts with Fetch. 

No matter where you choose to shop, Fetch wants to help make essentials for your baby more affordable for your family.

When you snap and upload a receipt — or connect your email and Amazon accounts — you’ll immediately earn points toward a wide variety of gift cards that can be used at stores, for items for you, your family, and your baby… including Amazon, CVS, Safeway, Walmart, Target, and even BuyBuy Baby! And, when your receipt includes a purchase of any special brand partners, Fetch customers will earn extra points and even more perks.

Fetch has special partnerships with baby brands like Huggies — including Huggies Goodnights, Little Swimmers, and Pull-Ups — as well as A&D, an original ointment to prevent diaper rash, to offer you even more points when you shop for baby necessities. Special partnerships also exist in other categories that your family is likely to shop for frequently.

How To Join Huggies Rewards+ Powered By Fetch

Plus, by joining the Huggies Rewards+ Club you’ll also collect up to 50,000 bonus points which will rack up the gift cards for baby diapers and wipes that much faster!

Don’t yet have the Fetch app? Click the buttons below or scan the QR code with your phone to get started. Be sure to use a referral code to get bonus points and refer the app to other parents to get all the points you need to save the most money on diapers, wipes, and other essentials for your growing family.