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How to Get Free Furniture

How to Get Free Furniture

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Free Furniture

Avoid panicking if your budget won’t allow new furniture, whether moving to a new place or trying to refresh your living space. You can upgrade your interior at a bargain with the help of various organizations and apps. This handy resource guide will help you get free furniture or find pieces for a minimal cost!

Free Furniture Apps

While many local organizations may assist with furniture for people in need, most bargain furniture deals are online. Whether using free furniture apps or checking out listings online, these resources are the best places for scoring low-cost or complimentary furniture deals.

  • Facebook Marketplace is a locals-oriented classifieds section within the Facebook app where people list items for sale. There is also a “Free Stuff” section where you can find furniture people give away for free. Remember that you’d need to find transportation to self-pickup items from the seller. 
  • Nextdoor is an app designed to connect neighbors online. You can search for free furniture listings under the “For Sale & Free” section. Since it’s a neighbors-oriented app, you’ll save money on furniture transportation as a free item you pick will likely be within a couple of blocks from your place.
  • OfferUp is a locals-oriented classifieds app where you can buy and sell items within your neighborhood. The beauty of this app is that it’s designed to make your price negotiations easy. So if you find a piece of furniture out of the budget you love, don’t be shy to ask for a discount.
  • Craigslist is technically not an app but a website where you can search for furniture locals give away for free. Go to the “Free” section under the “For Sale” category and run searches for furniture pieces you are interested in getting.
  • FreeCycle is a nationwide nonprofit movement of people giving and getting various household items for free, including furniture. Find your town on the map and check for updates regularly, as good free furniture goes away quickly.

Where To Pick Up Free Furniture Locally

In addition to free furniture apps, there are various local organizations where you can pick up free furniture.

  • The Furniture Bank Network is a union of national furniture banks designed to collect and distribute unwanted furniture to those struggling financially. On their website, you can search for organizations distributing furniture in your state, pick the exact furniture you need (instead of getting what’s currently available), and even receive assistance with furniture delivery.
  • is a search engine and directory for all things support, from financial assistance to help with finding free home furnishings. On this website, you can search for help in your zip code and find contacts of local charitable organizations offering free furniture.
  • The Salvation Army offers furniture vouchers for people in need that suffer from the aftermath of natural disasters and low-income families. Contact your local Salvation Army to check eligibility requirements.

What is the Best Site to Give Away Furniture

Suppose you are on another side of the equation and looking to donate unwanted furniture. In that case, you can find a spot to drop off furniture or schedule a pickup with one of the local charitable organizations.

Where to Drop Off Furniture

Many local thrift shops will accept furniture donations if the pieces you try to give away are in good condition. However, since many furniture pieces require transportation, many local thrift shops only accept small pieces like chairs, night tables, and lamps.

When you need help determining where to bring your small furniture pieces, call your local thrift shop before arranging the delivery or contact The Furniture Bank Network for assistance.

If you want to schedule your furniture pickup online, consider the following charitable organizations:

  • The Salvation Army allows scheduling furniture and other household items donations via a convenient donations booking system. There, you can specify which items you want to donate and book a date for pickup. Remember that the earliest donation pickup is typically within the next three weeks. So if you plan on moving out of your apartment or have replacement furniture coming, you’d have to be strategic about planning your furniture pickup.
  • Housing Works accepts furniture donations in excellent condition. You can schedule your furniture pickup online or via phone; expect to provide photos of donated items to check donation eligibility. Remember that Housing Works doesn’t accept damaged items or those with pet hair or stains.

How Do You Buy Furniture on a Low Budget

Keep hope if your financial situation disqualifies you from free furniture assistance. There are plenty of ways of purchasing furniture on a low budget.

  • Mattress Firm offers students and teachers a 10-20% discount; you’d have to prove your identity to qualify for a discount.
  • Ashley Furniture sponsors the Hope To Dream Project, which helps underprivileged children between ages 3 and 16 get a free bed. You can nominate a child in need on the Hope to Dream website.
  • Many IKEA shops offer in-store final sale furniture items with minor damage. Typically, these departments are located next to checkout; you’ll also save money if ensembling IKEA furniture on your own.
  • Target often runs significant sales during holidays, where you can find deals on new furniture that often qualifies for free shipping.

How Do You Rent Furniture on a Low Budget

If buying furniture is out of your budget, consider renting it. Many companies offer affordable furniture rentals that you can use for a couple of months once you’ve saved enough to purchase furniture or as a permanent solution for your rent.

  • Feather offers furniture and home decor packages starting at $74 per month. You can pick from pre-styled room packages or individual pieces that work best for your space. 

The Everset offers a curated collection of furniture starting at $42 per month; at the end of the rental agreement, you can extend your furniture rental further or purchase it as your forever piece.

New furniture can really take over a budget quickly, but if you plan ahead enough you can use your Fetch points to help save on your furniture, be sure to snap every receipt and redeem those points for your favorite rewards!