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How to Organize the Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration – On a Budget

How to Organize the Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration – On a Budget

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The most romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day, is around the corner, meaning that love is in the air, no matter with whom and how you celebrate. Whether it’s a romantic date night with your beloved one, Galentine’s Day with your besties, a Valentine’s Day celebration with your pet, or a self-care solo night at home, there are many ideas on how to celebrate this romantic holiday on a budget.

While planning your perfect Valentine’s Day celebration, remember to snap your receipts with Fetch. That way, the love message you are trying to deliver with a romantic celebration will unexpectedly serve you: by converting your Fetch shopping points into gift cards, you’ll be able to gift even more to your loved ones.

Here’s Fetch’s guide to saving money on the most romantic gifts and party supplies this Valentine’s Day.


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Romantic Date Night for Two

Happy and healthy relationships take effort, and investing your time and creative potential into celebrating Valentine’s Day is a great way to demonstrate to that special person in your life that you genuinely care about them. While it’s an easy solution to go out to a fancy dinner to celebrate your love, it’s all the little details that will make your Valentine’s Day celebration even more special.

Flowers are a crucial component of Valentine’s Day celebrations: nothing says “I love you” as striking as a bouquet of red roses. A red rosebud has signified romance, love, and beauty for many centuries, and it’s a lovely tradition to continue for the most romantic holiday of the year. The thing with fresh-cut roses, though, is that they won’t last long. This holiday, try impressing your loved one with a box of preserved red roses that lasts for 2 to 3 years. You’ve probably seen these gorgeous boxed floral arrangements on social media, but did you know that Amazon offers many more affordable options for the same type of boxed roses? Glamour Boutique 16-Piece Forever Flowers Heart Shape Box ($69.95) is a chic arrangement of red roses framed in a Valentine’s Day-appropriate heart-shaped box. VLove Forever Preserved Roses in a Box is another great option: it’s a jewelry box and a boxed roses floral arrangement two-in-one.

Rose petals are also on Valentine’s Day’s list when it comes to creating special romantic moments. You can write your love message with rose petals, decorate various rooms in your home, or come out with other unexpected Valentine’s Day ideas. The best thing about rose petals is that they always look romantic and are super affordable. If you don’t have time to deal with fresh roses (remember that they could get pricey), consider Silk Rose Petals by Code Florist (available on Amazon). For just $10.99, you’ll get a whole bag of petals that you can use for various holiday decor projects.

If you are looking for romantic candles for the ultimate Valentine’s Day decor, Target is THE place to score the best deals. Threshold Heart-Shaped Ceramic Roses Red Candle ($10) is a cute and affordable candle that deserves your attention. Another great option is the Threshold Glass Candle Gift Set in Pink, which features a beautifully-wrapped set of three candles for just $10. Or, if you want to say it with your candle, consider Opalhouse Cardamom Jasmine Candle ($10) that says loud and clear that your significant someone is a hottie.

Chocolate is the international language of love, and there are plenty of affordable Valentine’s Day options to consider:

  1. Did you know that you can design your M&M candy for Valentine’s Day? On the website, you can write your and your lover’s name on each candy, pick its color, and even print your selfie! If that seems too much work, choose one of the pre-made limited edition options, like M&M’s Valentine’s Cupid’s Mix Milk Chocolate Candies ($3.99) that feature — you’ve heard it right! — pink and fuchsia M&Ms!
  2. Godiva is a luxury chocolate brand everyone loves, but did you know you can score a great deal on it at Target? Dove Valentine’s Assorted Chocolates is a heart-shaped box of chocolates, caramels and truffles that won’t break the bank. This beautifully packaged set goes for $10.99.
  3. Chocolate-covered strawberries are another Valentine’s Day staple, and you can get it on a budget if you choose a frozen option. Based on hundreds of positive reviews, Tru Fru White and Milk Chocolate Frozen Strawberries ($8.29, available at Target) taste not the same but better than any fancy choco-covered fruit out there. What’s even more exciting is that these frozen desserts are just 90 calories per serving.

Perfume is the ultimate Valentine’s Day that allows you to demonstrate how much you know (and love) your Valentine. While luxury perfume might be out of your budget, there are ways you can experience similarly decadent scents on a budget. Dossier is a brand of $29-49 fragrances available at Walmart inspired by famous scents. For instance, their best-selling Ambery Saffron perfume ($49) is reminiscent of Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s iconic Baccarat Rouge 540 scent that goes for $325. The brand also offers fragrances inspired by YSL Black Opium (Dossier’s scent is called Ambery Vanilla and goes for $29) and Kilian’s Love’s Don’t Be Shy (Floral Marshmallow by Dossier, $39).

 The words “lingerie” and “affordable” rarely stand in one sentence, but if you really dive deep into a Target search, you can find gems like Auden Women’s V-Neck Babydoll Set for just $25. This sensual Valentine’s Day set features a lace-decorated babydoll and a thong in two colors: all black or a pink and red combo. 


Galentine’s Day with Besties

Valentine’s Day is not only about romantic love; it’s also fun to celebrate with your girlfriends. Just think about it: you can watch all the rom-coms you wish, indulge in decadent desserts, and chat-chat-chat about your love lives. To make this girls-only celebration even more unique, consider these fun Galentine’s Day supplies and gift ideas.

Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to go with a themed party and even a pajama party if you are celebrating at home. Lucky for you and your girl squad, you can score tons of affordable love-inspired looks on a budget at Target and Amazon. Get matchy-matchy with your besties by dressing up in these size-inclusive heart PJs from Target ($25, sizes from XS to 4X). This collection includes kids’ and men’s sizes if you want to use them later for Christmas photos.

Match your cute heart-decorated pajamas with matching socks, so you feel warm and cozy celebrating your friendship. Women’s Sporty Heart Valentine’s Day Ribbed Crew Socks go for just $4 and make a perfect gift for your besties that you can wear at your at-home party.

A girls’ night is only truly complete with some bubbles. If you enjoy champagne primarily for aesthetics, consider a case of miniature La Marca Prosecco Sparkling Wine ($16.99 for a set of 3 at Target) for a photo-friendly champagne option that you can elevate by adding Valentine’s Day-themed straws. For instance, heart print paper straws from Amazon ($9.85).

If your girls’ squad is into baking, you can start the celebration by DIYing some desserts. Bake simple cupcakes or banana bread, add romantic decor, and here comes your affordable and made-with-your-own-hands dessert table. If you have enough time before the party to stop by Target, there are plenty of cheap baking supplies. Some deals are available online, like Paper Hearts Baking Cups (75 pieces for $2) and Valentine’s Hearts Candy Cards ($1.99 for 24).

Board games are a fun activity to enjoy with your besties: it allows you to have fun and get to know your friends simultaneously. The Friendship Edition of the We’re Not Really Strangers Game ($16.79 at Target) proved to be an excellent icebreaker for new friends and a perfect opportunity to learn more about people you’ve been friends with for a while.


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Self-Care Solo Night In

Did you feel like not celebrating at all? A solo night when you can reflect and indulge in self-care might be a perfect escape plan. To make sure you don’t feel left out, consider these non-cheesy ideas to make your Valentine’s Day solo night special.

A bubble bath might be your weekly ritual, but it’s one thing that immediately elevates your mood. Try elevating your bubble bath experience this Valentine’s Day to the next level. All you need is a heart-shaped Beloved Cherry Blossom & Tea Rose Bath Bomb by an eco-friendly brand, Love Beauty and Planet ($5.99). Its 95% all-natural formula gently nourishes your skin and immerses you in a delicious ambiance of rose blossoms.

While enjoying your “Me” time in a tub, get some TLS to your skin, too. Consider Vitamasques Lip Mask ($3.69 at Target) if your lips could use extra care. Not only it repairs and plumps your lips, but it also looks so cute with all the printed kisses.

A self-discovery journal will help you concentrate your intentions on what’s happening in your heart. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to reflect on what’s happening in your life, and in these situations, a guided writing practice might be beneficial. Consider a cute and pink Burn After Writing Guided Journal ($7.79 on Amazon) that received more than 82,000 positive reviews.

A quick DIY project might spark joy during your solo Valentine’s Day celebration if you are doing your nails at home. The nail care brand Essie (available at Ulta Beauty, Target, and Amazon) just launched their Valentine’s Day nail polish collection ($10 each) that features a variety of holiday-appropriate hues of reds you’d love.

Valentine’s Day-inspired wine is a perfect treat for your night in, especially if you pick the one that tastes amazing and has that Valentine’s Day vibe to it. Barefoot Rose ($5.99 at Target) pairs perfectly with any dessert and decadent main courses. It’s fun, flavorful, and inexpensive — no wonder it’s the most-awarded wine in U.S. wine competitions.

How about an at-home dessert? You don’t need to spend hours baking to indulge in delicious and healthy meals if you have your supplies ready. Kodiak Protein-Packed Flapjack & Waffle Mix Buttermilk ($6.97 at Target) is a best-selling waffle formula that contains 14 grams of protein per serving. To elevate your experience even further, consider this Valentines-Themed Mini Waffle Maker for one from Amazon. For $14.99, it also makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone with a sweet tooth.


doe and cate with a heart

Sweet Treats for Your Four-Legged Love

Even though Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with your furry friends, it’s just another opportunity to treat your pets with toys, snacks, and extra attention. Luckily, many pet product brands offer adorable Valentine’s Day options so the pet and the owner can celebrate their mutual love together.


If you are a dog owner

Every pup loves Greenies’ dental treats, and you can make these breath-freshening snacks even more special this Valentine’s Day. Check out the limited-edition Heart Flavored Dog Treats ($15.99 at Target) that feature 12 chews that clean down to the gumline to fight plaque. These are also giftable: you can write the pet’s name on the package and bring it as a hostess gift.

Dressing up dogs is only acceptable for some, but if your furry friend is okay with wearing a bandana, this accessory might bring some extra cheer to Valentine’s Day celebrations. Boots & Barkley’s Love Dog Bandana ($5 at Target) is an inexpensive and super adorable heart bandana that will fetch Valentine’s Day vibes without sacrificing your pet’s comfort.

A goodie but oldie heart-shaped toy is a no-brainer for the most romantic holiday. MixTeach Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Rope Dog Chew Toy ($8.99 at Amazon) is durable and cute-looking. Your four-legged friend will bark from excitement when receiving this meaningful and adorable toy!

Are you the owner of a tiny dog who’s cold in the wintertime? Why not spoil your little cutie with a heart-print sweater? Blueberry Pet Heart Dog Sweater ($16.99 at Amazon) is a cozy and cute option for your furry Valentine that will serve throughout the cold season.


If you are a cat owner

Spoil your cat with a limited Valentine’s Day edition of Shameless Pets U R Purrfect Cat Treats. A two-package set includes lobster and tuna-based crunchy cat treats packed with vitamins to support healthy hips and joints. The best part is that these all-natural treats are free of corn and soy, which are common allergens in cat food.

Is your cat ready for a new adorable toy? Lepawit Valentine’s Day Cat Toys 2-pack Cat Teaser ($12.35 on Amazon) is a sweet way to say “I love you” to your furry friend. The set features two toys: a Valentine’s Day heart and an adorable pink flamingo.


Celebrating love this Valentine’s Day, remember to snap your receipts and Amazon purchases into the Fetch app. That way, you can get rewards while creating your perfect Valentine’s Day and convert them into gift cards for future celebrations.