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How to Use Fetch to Get the Most out of Grocery Savings

How to Use Fetch to Get the Most out of Grocery Savings

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How to Use Fetch Rewards to Get the Most out of Grocery Savings

Finding the best grocery deals each week shouldn’t require extra legwork. After clipping grocery coupons, flipping through food deals, and searching for groceries online, you’ve spent more time searching for groceries than buying them. Without a plan, however, your average grocery budget can get pretty high. Fortunately, Fetch makes it simple to save money on all your favorite products.

Combined with a grocery budgeting plan, grocery rebate apps help you cut down on your weekly food bill. Grocery rebates are a modern way to get cash back for simply buying your usual items. With over 250 participating brands and thousands of popular products, Fetch simplifies the grocery rebate process by automatically applying savings to your account every time you purchase a participating product. No need to purchase brands you don’t like or treck out to a new grocery spot.

Getting started is easy. Simply download the Fetch app, create an account, and snap a photo of your receipts. You can also use the Fetch app to earn special offer points on grocery deals, create “smart” grocery lists, and browse delicious recipes.

What is Fetch?

Fetch is a grocery rebate app for your mobile device that allows you to save money by buying products you already know and use. Regardless of where you shop, you can scan your receipt with Fetch app to save on items you love, every time you purchase them. After scanning your receipt, Fetch automatically awards you points based on your purchases. Redeem these points toward free rewards from a long list of favorite restaurants, beauty and clothing stores, and countless other categories. So how is this possible? Fetch partners directly with the brands you love. You receive rewards from these brands for purchasing their products.

Fetch can be used across the country wherever you shop for groceries, whether it be a national big box store or the local market on the corner. Scan any grocery receipt and you’ll save. No need to change your habits to wrack up grocery deals.

How to Use Fetch

The Fetch app makes getting grocery rebates quick and straightforward so you can focus on shopping. After you download the app on your mobile device, create an account and scan your grocery receipts, no matter where you shop.

For bonus and special offer points, peruse the Fetch App to see which brands are offering grocery deals that week. Each special offer tile indicates how many bonus special offer points you can earn for the featured product. You can conveniently save your favorite grocery deals to your Smart List as a reminder, but there’s no need to clip special deals to earn these points.

After you shop, take a picture of your grocery receipt with your phone and let the app automatically apply points for purchasing participating products and special deals. If you see any errors from your scan, manually change the details with ease. The app will recognize all your participating purchases as well as any special deals right from your receipt.

Once you’ve accumulated enough reward points, you can redeem them for gift cards across countless shopping categories, including popular brands in travel, beauty, electronics, pets and more. You can even donate your points to a participating charity.

Fetch Brand Partnerships

Fetch pairs with an incredible range of big name brands from every category throughout the grocery store. There’s no need to go out of your way to change your shopping habits or dig around for coupons for groceries each week. As mentioned above, Fetch delivers points for purchases of thousands of popular products, from groceries to beauty products, and even beer. Learn about grocery sales each week to tailor your grocery list to save even more money. With such vast variety, Fetch allows you to save money on groceries more quickly and easily than other grocery price comparison apps.

Earn points on brands from breakfast to dinner, including Chunky Soups, DiGiorno and Kraft. Treat yourself to dessert when buying Breyer’s Ice Cream, Klondike Bars or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. You can even use the app when buying beer.

Why not get money back for all your usual beauty buys as well? Earn points on brands like Dove, St. Ives and Tresemme as you pick up your everyday favorites.

Even when you shop at discount grocery stores, it can be tricky to find some of your essentials at a low price. Some essential food and household items tip the scales on your grocery bill but are simply unavoidable. By using Fetch, you earn savings on these items.

Get Fetch No Matter Where You Shop

Comparing supermarkets in your area is often a necessary step for saving money on groceries. You may even choose to split up your weekly shop, buying some essentials at discount grocery stores and others at your usual spot. Finding the products you need at a price you like can be a challenge. The good news? Fetch allows you to submit your receipts from any store you choose.

Fetch partners directly with popular brands, allowing you to save on the products you love, regardless of where you buy them. From your favorite grocery stores to big box stores to club stores, liquor stores, conveniences stores, and drugstores, Fetch can help you save.

How to Redeem your Fetch

After you’ve accumulated enough points from your grocery shopping, you can start redeeming rewards from the Fetch app. Sort through your available rewards by value or category on the “Rewards” section of the app, narrowing choices down by category and the current number of points saved up in your account. Save up for larger gift cards or begin cashing out as soon as you reach your first goal. Once you find one a reward that you like, click “Get This Reward” on your chosen gift. You’ll then receive an email with your reward in your inbox. It’s as simple as that.

Redeeming your rewards is a reminder that you’ve instantly transformed food deals into additional savings. Use your rewards for a special splurge item during the month, or to supplement your regular budget.

Head to Sephora to restock your makeup or shop at one of your favorite clothing stores for a new outfit. Rewarded brands include American Eagle, Express, Banana Republic and Foot Locker, among many others. You can head out to the movies with your family or have a delicious dinner at a participating restaurant.

With additional rewards available for Amazon and several pet brands, you may even cycle these savings back into your grocery budget. Save rewards for buying pricey pet accessories or cleaning supplies that are cheaper online.

Inviting Your Friends to Fetch

When you join Fetch, refer friends with your personalized code to earn extra points for your own account. For each friend that creates an account, you’ll receive 2,000 points when they scan their first receipt. Use your joint experience with Fetch to help one another with grocery budgeting.

You can even get them started by showing them your favorite tips and tricks of using the Fetch app. Seek out food deals as a team, share grocery store comparison tips, and rack up points toward a shared activity. Plan a spa day together or head off on a weekend adventure by earning points toward one of Fetch’s travel partnered brands,, Global Hotel and Celebrity Cruises. Gifts cards from 1-800-Flowers and Bed Bath and Beyond are great to use around the holidays or for a friend’s birthday.

Saving money on groceries is about more than choosing the cheapest grocery store near you. With a helpful grocery rebate app like Fetch, you’re more likely to stick to your grocery budget in the long run. No need to dig through grocery store weekly ads to find a deal that works for you. By downloading Fetch, you can simplify your weekly shopping, turn new deals into healthy meals, and earn points toward unique experiences and favorite products.