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Must-Have Kitchen Organizing Products from Amazon

Must-Have Kitchen Organizing Products from Amazon

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When operating in an organized environment, cooking at home brings joy. While it’s not necessary to #MaryKondo your entire kitchen, a few details here and there will help you eliminate clutter and create a more efficient flow when it comes to cooking and cleaning. You don’t have to spend much on making your kitchen more functional and visually appealing. With the help of these five organizing products from Amazon, you can elevate your kitchen and make it look Instagram-worthy.

How to Store Pantry Essentials

My number one kitchen organizing rule is to transfer all the foods in packages into clear container jars. That way, you can see what you have and eliminate all the loose boxes that often end up half-eaten at the back of the shelf. Nuts, seeds, grains, crackers, dried fruit, flour—if you want to follow just one tip, that’s the one that will help you to transform the look of your kitchen.

You can find dozens of clear glass containers on Amazon, starting from $6.99 for one to about $29 for a set of three, depending on the size. Cylinder containers with bamboo lids are the most functional, while square and rectangular ones are more difficult to close. While shopping for glass containers, consider incorporating jars of different sizes. For instance, you don’t need as big a pistachio container as you’d want for oats. Also, don’t forget to stock up on pre-made labels, so it’s easier to find what you are looking for in your pantry.

Storage containers I use:

Lawei 3-Pack Glass Storage Jars with Sealed Bamboo Lids (51 oz) are perfect for grains ($31.99 for a set of three).

Lawei 4-Pack Glass Storage Jars with Sealed Bamboo Lids (18.6 oz) are ideal for nuts and dried fruit ($25.99 for four).

Lawei 3-Pack Glass Pasta Storage Containers (36 oz) is a convenient way to store pasta and crackers ($23.39 for a set of three).

Kitchen Pantry Labels for Food Containers ($24.95 for a set of 179).


spices organization

Organize Your Spices

Organizing your spices will bring the most significant difference in how neat your kitchen looks. Typically, we buy herbs from different companies that come in all shapes and sizes of containers. Plastic or glass, tall or short—aiming for a perfectly organized kitchen, consistency is the key. When I switched my eclectic spice jars to a set of unified clear containers with a bamboo lid, my spice shelf immediately looked more organized. And when I added a matching bamboo spice shelf, the entire area started looking like from an episode of The Home Edit series.

My spice organizing formula:

Pinnacle Cookery Bamboo Spice Rack Organizer ($39.95) could be used as a stand-alone spice shelf or a spice drawer organizer.

EZO Ware 7oz Clear Glass Jars ($29.99 for a set of 10) are cute but don’t come with an in-built pour or sift top, so you’d have to use a spoon.

Minimalist Spice Jar Labels ($18.95 for a set of 162) perfectly match the pantry essentials labels mentioned above.

Sort Your Messy Plastics

When it comes to a functional kitchen, Ziploc bags are crucial. You can use them to pack snacks, organize all sorts of supplies, or freeze leftovers. But when it comes to storing your plastic bags, it’s quite a challenge. The packages are bright and distracting, and if you keep your bags on a loose, they look even messier. My kitchen improved dramatically once I switched to a bamboo container for storage bags. It’s a set of four containers that perfectly fit all the standard Ziploc bags you’ll need in your kitchen: gallon, quart, snack, and sandwich. Next time I run out of plastic bags, I simply transfer them from a package to a bamboo organizer—and they look much more presentable.

Favorite product:

Fulldepot Food Storage Bag Holders ($29.99 for a set of four) could be used for a drawer or a shelf if stored vertically.


utensil organizer

Organization Idea for Utensils

Some people prefer storing their forks, knives, and spoons vertically for easy access while serving meals. I’m a big fan of a good old drawer organizer as it helps to keep utensils from the eye and save space at the counter. Previously, I used a standard utensil holder from the Container Store, but in my new apartment, I switched to the expandable one from Amazon. It gives me more options for what type of tools I can store. For instance, I can put longer items like scissors or a spatula together with my utensils.

Consider this:

Pipishell Bamboo Drawer Organizer ($25.49) is expandable and will fit any kitchen draw.


Lipton tea

Elevate Your Tea Time

I’m a big tea drinker, and having a good variety of teas on hand is crucial for my everyday wellbeing. Paper boxes of tea might be handy to keep on hand to always access the flavor breakout for each product, but these take too much space and don’t look cohesive enough. For all of my tea favorites, I found a bamboo organizer on Amazon that helps to organize all the products in one space-saving shelf. The product perfectly matches all the other bamboo organizing tools in my kitchen and looks sturdy enough to function for many years to come. 

You’ll love this tea holder:

Theodore Vertical Tea Bag Organizer ($34.99) holds up to 180 tea bags.