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My Points-Packed Day With Fetch

My Points-Packed Day With Fetch

Headshot of Content Creator Ben Ross
Herb garden that was purchased with Fetch Rewards points

I live life by the adage “no plans are the best plans.” But one recent Saturday left me bored with an open agenda.

I opened up the Fetch app to see if I had a surplus of points waiting for me. A shopping spree would be an OK way to occupy this time, as the thinking went. 

Seeing all the brands and offers neatly placed on the screen got my cogs turning: how many opportunities do I get to cash in on awesome rewards from Fetch every day? 

Well friends, I’ll tell ya: lots. 

Coffee & Donuts. Who Says No?

Fetch Starbucks Rewards

I’m the type who doesn’t like to wander too far from home unless I’m properly caffeinated, so that’s why I always have bottled iced frappuccinos from Starbucks stocked up in the fridge. 

Chase that caffeine with some delicious Entenmann’s donuts, Kodiak Power Waffles and a cold glass of Tropicana orange juice and you’ve got yourself the kickstart to a great day. 

Some people see a nutritionally-balanced breakfast. I see a breakfast balanced by thousands of points from Fetch. 

Get Out & Move

Fueled by protein and caffeine, it’s time to get out and soak up some Vitamin D from the sun. I read some gardening tips in my subscription to Better Homes & Gardens (another Fetch favorite) that inspired me to pick up a grow kit and all-purpose soil from Back to the Roots. 

These kits make it easy for a novice gardener like myself to start growing plants from their own windowsill or a small patch of grass in the yard. I’m most excited to now have fresh herbs like basil, mint and cilantro on hand at all times.

Mid-afternoon Snack & Mid-afternoon Snap

Whew! I really tuckered myself out with all that gardening. But like grandpa always said, dirty fingernails are a sign of clean work. 

After washing up in the shower, with my favorite Dove Men+Care shampoo, I fix a little snack of Sargento String Cheese and Rold Gold Pretzels and curl up with my other magazine subscription (and guilty pleasure) Entertainment Weekly. 

Fetch Sargento Offers

Paint the Town Fetch

With movies fresh on my mind, I turn 10,000 of my points into an AMC Theatres gift card. to catch a matinee of the latest superhero flick. 

Fetch AMC Rewards

I’ll watch anyone in a cape. 

I leave the theater feeling reinvigorated and head to the store to pick up ingredients to cook myself a gourmet dinner. I can skip on the herbs this time around – I haven’t forgotten about that fresh basil growing on my windowsill!

I haul it all home… only to find myself too tired to cook (this happens a lot). 

The Fetch app features many of my favorite restaurants that not only deliver dinner to my door, but deliver some well-earned rewards to my points balance. I’ve got $25 in Uber Eats gift cards collecting digital dust in my account, so I put that to good use. 

Fetch Points for Charity

Feeling satisfied after placing my order, I donated the remainder of my points to Habitat for Humanity – one of the several worthy charities in the Fetch app. You can see all Fetch’s charitable partners in the Rewards tab. 

Fetch Habitat for Humanity Donations

And just like that, the doorbell rings – suppertime! 

With my belly full and account empty, I doze off on the couch, dreaming of how I’ll take advantage of great rewards tomorrow. 

This was just one points-packed day in the life of Ben. Fetch serves up unique Special Offers to everyone, so some of your offers might look different than mine. But no matter who you are, you’re sure to find something you’ll love in the app. Have fun!

Create Your Own Fetch Day

Are you inspired to scan receipts, get points, and use them to fund your Fetch fun day? Visit Fetch to learn more and download the app on your mobile device for Android or Apple iOS. 

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