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Scan & Save: Our Favorite Way to Earn Points

Scan & Save: Our Favorite Way to Earn Points

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By now you know that the Fetch app is a great way to easily earn points by scanning receipts to cash in for gift cards at your favorite retailers, cash cards, donations to charity or cool Fetch merch (like the Fetch Happened T-shirt). If you want to earn more points to get more rewards, here are our favorite tips: 

Scan ALL your receipts 

The Fetch app not only is great for your grocery receipts, but any trips you take to the drugstore, restaurants, cafes, or department stores. Just make sure your receipt has the store name, date, and amount of purchase. 

Earn rewards for shopping online  

Did you know that when you connect your Amazon, Walmart, and email accounts, and then tap the eReceipt button you will automatically earn points from retailers like Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, Instacart and over 60 other brands? It’s a great way to quickly earn more points, especially if you are a big online shopper. 

Check the app before shopping 

If you check out the Fetch app before shopping, you can find out what offers are available before you shop. For instance, if chips are on your shopping list, you can specifically buy Doritos or Lay’s for 10 points for every dollar spend. You can also check that certain stores could be offering more deals than another, and you opt to go there instead for added points. Now that’s some smart shopping!  

refer a friend

Refer a friend

Do you have a friend that enjoys saving money and earning gift cards? Refer them to the Fetch app and not only will they get 100 points, but YOU will ALSO get 100 points. Easily share your own personal code by text, email, or social media. 

Save money on prescriptions with GoodRx

With a partnership with GoodRx, you not only will save money on your expensive prescriptions, but you will also easily earn bonus points. The bonus for using GoodRX: 10,000 points! Afterwards, you will still get a whopping 1,500 points per receipt scanned. 

Check out partner brands 

Fetch has partnerships with over 294 brands like Pepsi, Bubly, Kleenex, Starbucks, Betty Crocker and more that will automatically award you extra points. There is no time limit on partner brands (as opposed to offers) to give you maximum value. On the Fetch app, check out the “brands” tab and click “view all” for access to all 294 partner brands to explore.  

Look for bonus awards 

Sometimes, the Fetch app offers bonus rewards or members-only offers, like the General Mills Good Rewards. For a limited time, you can earn an extra 750-1,000 points on specific products featured in the app. 

location sharing

Turn on location sharing 

When you share you location on the Fetch app, the app will customize your offers, which in turn will maximize your rewards. Don’t worry about, all data used is anonymous for privacy protection. 

We hope you found these tips and tricks to scan and save money helpful, and you can find ways to earn thousands of points with the Fetch app! Comment below your favorite way to earn more points, or a secret tip we might have missed!