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The Best New Year’s Resolutions to Save Time and Money

The Best New Year’s Resolutions to Save Time and Money

The Best New Year’s Resolutions to Save Time and Money

Welcome to a new start of a brand-new year! Let’s make 2022 the best year yet, with resolutions to save you time and money, making 2022 prosperous in every aspect of your life.

After the holidays, you may find your bank account strained, or you want to avoid the money issues of last year. It’s probably no surprise that saving money is one of the top New Year’s resolutions every year, and we all could use a few time management tips to keep us on track. Here are a few easy ways to save money in 2022:


Start a budget

You have heard it all before, a budget is the best way to keep track of your finances. Make 2022 the year you continue or start a realistic budget. If you see where your money is going every month, it can be easier to keep track of it, and decide where you can make cuts if needed. First step is writing down all your fixed expenses (rent/mortgage, cell phone, Internet, groceries, childcare, savings), then seeing what leftover for entertainment, restaurants, clothes, and “fun” money to do as you wish. If you need help and prefer online budgeting, check out apps like MINT, Nerdwallet and Goodbudget that make budgeting easy.

Pay off your credit card debt

Another way to save money in the new year is to pay off your credit card debt. Most Americans carry credit card debt, averaging around $6,000 per household, and with that comes interested and unwanted fees. You might want to consider consolidating the debt onto a credit card with 0% APR on balance transfers to save on interest charges, or an interest-free loan.

Try a money challenge

More Money Challenges have been trending online, where you track every dollar you spend, only buy essentials, and have a no eating out rule. At the end of the 30-day challenge, most people have saved around $1,000, which you can use for anything from paying off debt, a vacation fund or buying something special.

Sell what you don’t need

Most people have unwanted items sitting around, from clothes to electronics to old furniture, that can be turned into quick cash. Clean out your closet and garage, and get to listing on apps like Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Like they say, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure!

Cook at Home 

After holiday travels, endless parties and cocktail hours and toasting in the New Year with a decadent evening, it may be a nice break to cook at home again. Shopping for groceries instead of ordering takeout or going to restaurants can save more money in the long run and is healthier option overall. You can find free recipes online, and meal plan to make the most of your budget.

Get free money by scanning receipts

They say nothing in life is free, but that isn’t true. Scan your receipts on the FETCH REWARDS app and get awarded points that you can exchange for gift cards at hundreds of retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Target, and Nordstrom’s. You can even exchange for VISA cash cards, and it is quick, easy and a great way to earn free cash!

The Best New Year’s Resolutions to Save Time and Money

Automate your savings

If you have a hard time saving, automate your savings. Most banks have an option, or you can use third-party services or apps to save a little bit of your paycheck each month. Automating your savings is easy to set up- just schedule a recurring deposit to your savings account from your checking account. Depending on your pay period, you can deposit money weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Consistency is key, and you will be glad if you happen to have an emergency.

Review your subscriptions and memberships

If you are like most people, you have a lot if subscriptions, and they can quickly add up. From apps to TV channels, the list could be pretty long. (Think Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple Music, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Dropbox, etc.). Don’t forget to check memberships you may no longer have interest in- gym memberships, wine clubs, and anything that automatically withdraws money from your account.


Get organizing

This goes hand-in-hand with saving money but organizing your life in every aspect from your finances to your living space will save you valuable time in the long run, as well as decreasing your stress level. Have a regular place for everything, put things back after you use them and discard things that you no longer need or want. No more time spent looking for lost keys!

Make a to-do list

To make sure you get everything done during the day, write it out on paper or your notes folder in your phone. Try to task no more than 3 main priorities for the day. Without a list, it can be easy to get sidetracked and not focus on what is important.


Learn to prioritize the most important things first, and delegate when you can.

Give yourself a break

No matter what you do, it is important to put yourself first and schedule time for self-care. Take 30 minutes out of your day to just focus on you- go for a walk, meditate, read. Remember, you can’t give from a half empty cup.

Sleep Well

It may seem weird to have sleep listed under ways that save you time but getting a good night’s rest is important to be more productive, focused, and sharp while you are awake.

Organize your phone

The new year is the perfect time to evaluate the organization of your phone. Are there apps you don’t use anymore? Any subscriptions that can be canceled? Old voice notes and notes? Decluttering your home screen can save you time searching for what you really need to access.

Learn to say no

Sometimes to free up time in your day, you need to set boundaries and say no. Whether it is your work or personal time, set boundaries on what you can do.

Hopefully you found one or two tips to save you time and money in the new year and make it your best year yet!