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The Best Things to Buy at Walmart for Grilling on Memorial Day

The Best Things to Buy at Walmart for Grilling on Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is when we remember the people who fought and gave their lives for the freedom of all Americans. To honor their patriotism, we take the day to gather at parades, ceremonies, and backyards across the country, to celebrate the best of what it means to be an American.

To help celebrate Memorial Day, Fetch Rewards has curated the best things that you can buy for your cookout at one of America’s biggest retailers, Walmart. As Fetch is America’s #1 rewards app with over 13 million users, and Fetchers shop at Walmart more than nearly any other retailer, we’re thrilled to present delicious deals and amazing offers, to select while shopping the aisles and entertain for the long weekend with friends and family.

Make sure that you have the greatest American grill out and gathering by shopping for the perfect Memorial Day party supplies, while getting free gift cards in the process! The more you shop and snap those Walmart grocery receipts, the more points you earn.

Grills For Memorial Day

Traeger pellet grill on patio

You can’t grill out on Memorial Day without the actual grill — which is why Walmart’s extensive collection of grills is so important. From simple portable charcoal grills to fancier Traeger Pellet Grills, you really can’t go wrong with any of the options to make your day truly delicious.


Kingsford charcoal graphic

Depending on the grill you’ve selected, you’ll need a fuel source to light it up. Most grillers have their preference of either charcoal or propane — but it’s just that, preference.

If you love the taste and smoky flavor of a charcoal grill, you’ll need to stock up on the Kingsford Charcoal at Walmart. Kingsford has been a staple of backyard grills for decades, with reliable briquettes that have consistent heat and a quick start.

But if you want to just turn a few knobs and have a grill that lights quickly and is ready to cook in minutes, you’ll have chosen a propane grill, and will want to pick up a propane tank from Walmart. Even exchanging an empty tank is easy at this convenient retailer, especially since over 800 Walmart locations now offer Amerigas 24/7 self-service propane vending machines!

Lighter Fluid

Propane lights itself, but if you need a little help getting your charcoal grill going, Walmart has Kingsford Charcoal Lighter Fluid, which is odorless and leaves behind no aftertaste. So you get all the flame and no ruined food.


Ballpark beef franks graphic

Barbecue of any type is the quintessential food for Memorial Day, and that means you’ll be making crowd-pleasing cuisine whether you choose chicken, pork, beef — or even shrimp! Luckily Walmart has some of the best prices on all of the proteins you want to grill this holiday.

Whether it’s ground beef, Tyson boneless skinless chicken breastsBall Park all-beef hot dogsWright hickory or applewood smoked bacon — or even Beyond Meat sausage to please those who prefer plant-based diets — Walmart has the full selection of the goods you need for grilling. Get bonus points for these brands on the Fetch app.

Temperature Gauge

Getting the meat on the grill is just the first step. Every barbecue master knows that different cuts of meat need different cooking temperatures and need to cook for different lengths of time. So gauging the heat on the grill is essential.

Using a grill gauge or meat thermometer allows you to cook by temperature, not by sight. And thermometers help grillers to monitor the stage of meat “done-ness” — as well as whether it’s safe to serve. Have Memorial Day guests that ask for their burgers medium rare? A gauge may be one of the only ways to alleviate the guesswork!

Grilling Tools

Cuisinart Dual Grip Barbecue Grill Brush

Grilling doesn’t require a lot of fancy gadgets, but it does have some necessary no-frills classic tools. You’ll need something like these Cuisinart Stainless Steel Grill Locking Tongs to nudge the hot dogs for those perfect grill marks, or this Weber Precision Grill Spatula for flipping the burgers.

Cuisinart Grill Brush and Scraper and Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil help to make clean-up a breeze, so everyone, including the cook, can get to the best part… eating.


Ballpark hot dog and bun

No matter which of the “meats” you choose, you’ll need to provide buns, because it’s hard to have barbecue without bread!

Walmart can supply your Ballpark hamburger buns (also check out the Ballpark sesame seeded and everything seasoned buns) and your Ballpark hotdog buns, so you’ll be ready to stack the burgers and dress your dogs.


Sargento Cheese and cheeseburger

You can’t really dig in without loading your hamburger or hot dog with all of the delicious extras, like topping your burger with Sargento Cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions. Conveniently, all of this can be found at Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets, which offer some of the best prices on your Memorial Day grilling essentials. Get Fetch Rewards bonus points on Sargento Cheese.

Sauces and Condiments

Red Gold Ketchup bottles

Now you want to tie it all together! Whether it’s a rub or a marinade for your meat, or just some simple sauces to use as finishing touches, you’ll want to grab a selection at Walmart to please even the most discerning guest. Classics like Red Gold Ketchup, mustard, mayo, barbecue, or even Tabasco sweet and spicy sauce make what comes off of your Memorial Day grill even more interesting, moist, and flavorful.


Mug root beer cans and box

And don’t forget you’ll need to wash all of that good grilling down with something smooth and celebratory! At Walmart, you can find Blue MoonMiller LiteCoors, Keystone, or even craft beers in bottles and cans. You can even get Fetch Rewards bonus points on soft drinks like Pepsi and Mug Root Beer.


Lays Chips and fetch rewards

No grilling party is complete without chips, pretzels, and other salty snacks. Stock up on classics like Lay’s Party Size Potato Chips, Fritos Scoops, and Rold Gold Pretzels. Even better, these brands can give you extra points when you snap your receipt with Fetch Rewards!


And after you and your guests have satisfied your appetites for food and fun, don’t forget to pack the leftovers in some Rubbermaid TakeAlongs or any of Walmart’s other selection of Rubbermaid food storage containers. Nobody wants to waste any of the deliciousness!

Save on Memorial Day Party Supplies with Fetch Rewards

Advance preparation will help make your Memorial Day feast scrumptious and stress-free, so make sure you head to Walmart to stock up on all of your needs for Memorial Day grilling. And then don’t forget to upload your receipt. You can take a quick snap of your receipt with the Fetch Rewards app or by connecting your eReceipts sent to your email, to start earning points with Fetch Rewards.

How to get free Walmart gift cards with fetch rewards

When you upload your receipt, Fetch finds specific products that you purchased at Walmart, that can earn you points toward a free gift card, at a variety of your favorite travel destinations, restaurants, and stores… including Walmart!

And what’s more, Fetch Rewards users score even more points for purchasing items from Fetch partners, and additional bonus points for products under the Discount tab in the Fetch Rewards App. Many of the items linked in this article make frequent appearances on the Discover tab, so you can grill happy knowing that your day of honor and recognition could be putting cash back in your pocket.

Enjoy your celebrations — and enjoy the Fetch Rewards cashback!

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