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The Top Barbeque Sauces and Flavors By State

The Top Barbeque Sauces and Flavors By State

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The Top Barbeque Sauces and Flavors By State

Barbeque sauce is one of the most popular condiments and marinades in the US. This delicious concoction is used in a wide variety of cooking and grilling dishes, and can be found in a myriad of styles and forms.

Because of BBQ sauce’s popularity and versatility, it has evolved into dozens of different styles and flavors, many of which are governed by locally preferred ingredients and characteristics. The massive variety of BBQ selections and flavors has given rise to a debate over which BBQ sauce is the best.

While someone in Maine or California might be more likely to prefer Hickory style BBQ sauce, people in the Southeastern US will often swear that Honey style BBQs can’t be beaten. Even the team here at Fetch Rewards couldn’t come to a consensus and had an amusing debate over the merits of Hickory versus South Carolina style.

Let’s explore the most popular BBQ styles and how to earn free gift cards for your BBQ needs.

📊 The Data

Fetch Rewards has compiled a breakdown of the top BBQ sauces and flavors, by state, for the summer of 2021. These findings come from aggregated data of your receipt captures (to preserve your privacy and anonymity) and explores the share of flavors and subcategories in each state. We then selected the top BBQ picks by looking at the flavor each state bought more than the national average.

When it comes to BBQ sauces types and flavors, ‘Original’ scores the highest share of sales across all states.

Sauce Types Breakdown

  • Original 48.1% 👑
  • Wing Sauce 20.3%
  • Honey 18.2%
  • Hickory 13.4%

Infographic of the top BBQ sauces by state data

Original scores the most, with different states show varying proportions. Thus to get to the most preferred sauce type and flavor by state, Fetch looked at the share of sauce types/flavors in each state during the summer of 2021 (May-Aug).

For example, Iowa accounted for almost 64.2% of the Original sauce, while DC only 37.6%. While the sauce type had the highest share in each state, it was significantly higher for Iowa, versus the national average for Original at 48.1%. For DC, the share was 37.6% for Original and 18.4% for Hickory, versus national average of 13.4%

For flavors, most kept it classic with Original during the grilling season. Most of the Eastern US is a mixed bag of flavors ranging from sweet (North East), mild (Mid-Atlantic), to tangy (South East).

🍖 The Top BBQ Sauces By State

Let’s Look at the BBQ Sauces in their Four Subcategories:

👑 Original

While BBQ sauce ingredients can vary greatly, they need to follow a core recipe to be considered a BBQ sauce. Original style BBQ sauce follows these conventions the most strictly. This style includes vinegar, tomato paste, and/or mayonnaise as a base. It will usually have liquid smoke, onion powder, and supporting spices such as mustard and black pepper. It should also have a sweet factor, like sugar or molasses, to balance the taste and allow for caramelization while cooking.

🌲 Hickory

Hickory BBQ sauce is generally defined as having a robust smoky flavor, paired with notes of onion, garlic, chili powder, and tomato tanginess. It usually has a bit of brown sugar to add an element of sweetness, and to compliment the smokey, savory taste.

🐝 Honey

Honey barbecue sauce is one of the most versatile subcategories because it generally doesn’t have a sour, tangy flavor like many other bbq sauces. Honey style combines honey and vinegar to give it a balance and a sweeter flavor that can be used with nearly any kind of meat.

🍗 Wing Sauce

Wing sauce evolves the class BBQ sauce flavors and ingredients by adding heat and butter. This style is most known for dressing Buffalo wings (or, chicken wings, if you are from Buffalo), and can be identified by its lighter, orange color, and spicy flavor profile.

Here is the Breakdown of Preferred BBQ Sauce Subcategories by State:

The Top Barbeque Sauces and Flavors By State, summer 2021

🔥 The Top BBQ Flavors By State

Let’s break it down even further by exploring the top BBQ flavors for each state. It was interesting to see that some states preferred hot and spicy, while others preferred mild or tangy. Some states wanted abundant spices like garlic and Italian herbs, while others gravitated toward eccentricities like parmesan cheese and pineapple.

Let’s See how These BBQ Flavor Variants Were Chosen By State:

The Top Barbeque Flavors By State, summer 2021

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👩‍🍳 What’s Your Favorite Style of BBQ?

Be sure to hit us up on our social media channels to let us know which style of BBQ is your favorite and how you maximize your bonus points with special offers, as well as your favorite Fetch-inspired BBQ recipes.

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