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The Treat that Connects Us: Ice Cream and Memories

The Treat that Connects Us: Ice Cream and Memories

Amanda Jeppson
Two woman having ice cream

National Ice Cream Day was July 17, and here at Fetch Rewards, we freaking LOVE ice cream! We love all flavors of ice cream and all ways that it can be consumed: in cones, in dishes, pops, bars, sandwiches, cookies, cakes, with sprinkles, with brownie bits, and yes, we’ve even got love for sherbert, dairy-free, sugar-free, you name it.

That cool creaminess gets us through the sweltering heat of summer, and the delicious taste transports us back to nostalgic times. In fact, ice cream is such a common and connecting human experience that perhaps TCBY should be coded into our collective DNA.

Fetch FireworkThe Science Connecting Food and Memories

To get scientific on you, a Harvard University Press blog post from 2012 stated: “The taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories not just of eating food itself, but also of place and setting. Food is an effective trigger of deeper memories of feelings and emotions, internal states of the mind and body.”

When we asked our Instagram and Facebook followers about their favorite brand of ice cream and a memory associated with that brand…many of you, 458 of you as of July 18, had something to share.

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Fetch Firework Ice Cream-Anchored Memories

Ice Cream with Family

Family is at the core of ice cream memories. Followers most often recalled memories associated with family (33%), be that parents, siblings, extended family, or children.

When followers reminisced about enjoying ice cream with family, they remembered enjoying a certain brand and/or flavor because it was their family member’s favorite and they shared it together. 

Others found a different kind of association between ice cream and their family.

Sometimes, followers recalled traditions that they have continued with their families. 

Ice Cream with Significant Others

Although far less common than reliving memories of ice cream with family, some Fetch followers reminisced about enjoying the tasty treat with friends or spouses/partners. Three percent of followers looked back on ice cream memories with their friends.

An even smaller percentage (1%) associated special memories with their spouses/partners.

Ice Cream For All Occasions and Ages

Ice cream was a constant, despite the situation. Followers associated ice cream with both good and bad events, such as enjoying ice cream when hanging out with family, or getting ice cream after a funeral.

Ice cream memories are inherently youthful. Special memories tied with specific brands or flavors often emerged in youth. 11% of memories referenced the speaker being young, a child, a teen, or growing up in these memories.

Ice cream trucks popped up in some Fetch followers’ memories. Thinking about ice cream trucks draws up an idyllic vision of children running to the street when they hear the music or bell signaling its approach, and 3% of followers shared vivid memories of just that.

Fetch Firework Remembering and Creating New Memories

Ice cream is so much more than just a delicious and, dare we say it, perfect dessert item. It’s a sweet reminder of the past and a delightful promise of the future.

The next time you go to the store to pick up something, think about this: What do you want to remember? And what memories do you want to create?

Then buy that ice cream, scan your receipt in Fetch, and grab extra spoons to share.

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So be sure to get out there, get ice cream, get points, and have fun!