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Measuring Marketing Success with Fetch Verified Incremental

Measuring Marketing Success with Fetch Verified Incremental

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Verified incremental marketing measurement

Fetch’s measurement methodology, Verified Incremental, is the most accurate methodology for measuring sales performance and marketing effectiveness. Verified Incremental helps marketers answer tough questions – like, “how do I know my ad is working?” and “those seem like great numbers, but can I really trust them?”


The Fetch platform connects consumers directly to the products and brands they love and offers brands an unprecedented signal into the purchasing habits of Fetch’s 17 million monthly active users. With Fetch, marketers can confidently measure their Verified Incremental Return to quantify the impact of their marketing investment. Verified Incremental gives marketers the insights they need to create and adjust marketing strategies with confidence. Instead of relying on data models to estimate next best steps, brands who partner with Fetch can trust they’re getting real-world attribution and precise measurement details from consumers’ verified receipts.

The accuracy of Verified Incremental is possible because of the 2 billion+ receipts consumers submit to Fetch every year.


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