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We Love Fetch, and So Do You 🥰

We Love Fetch, and So Do You 🥰

Amanda Jeppson

On Instagram and Facebook we asked our Fetch Fam what their favorite part of the Fetch app is, and y’all turned out for it! With 501 total responses (68% on Instagram, 32% on Facebook) between September 8 and September 12, we learned that you love EVERYTHING about the app!

Okay, so 3% of you literally wrote that you loved “everything,” but we saw responses ranging from rewards, points, and special offers to different experiences you have in the app (Pointlings, the social feature, referrals, and sweepstakes). We are so proud that many of you described the app as easy–that’s one of our goals!

We Love Fetch

Rewards are the destination, points and special offers are the journey

45% of you indicated that rewards, gift cards, money, or free items were your favorite part of Fetch. We get that.

You can’t get to those rewards without points, which 30% of you indicated were your favorite part of the app.

What helps you build points? Fetch accepts all of your receipts, and this fact showed up in 7% of your responses.

BUT, the fastest way to get those points? Purchasing special offer items which award bonus points on certain products/brands, which 10% of you indicated as a high point of the app.

The journey to rewards is full of side quests, which y’all love

While the journey and the destination are core elements of the Fetch app, many of you indicated different experiential elements as your favorite aspect.

4% of you love the Fetch Pointlings who, I’m sure you noticed, are a bit mischievous.

Other elements of the app, such as referring friends, the social feature, sweepstakes, and the ability to track spending each appeared in 1% of mentions.

The journey is an easy one

Unlike some other apps out there, Fetch strives for user experiences to be easy, and that’s what 16% of you appreciated the most! We make rewarding you for your everyday purchases seamless, easy, and dare we say fun?

If you don’t have the Fetch app, you can download it by clicking the buttons below or scanning the QR code with your smartphone’s camera.

So be sure to get out there, get points, begin saving, and have fun!