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What Does Fetch Do with Your Data?

What Does Fetch Do with Your Data?

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What Does Fetch Rewards Do with Your Data

If you’re tempted to join Fetch and start collecting free gift cards, one question may be standing in your way:

Is Fetch safe? The short answer is absolutely, yes!

Still, for peace of mind, this article gives an in-depth look into how Fetch not only protects your data but rewards you for it. 

Fetch Firework Fetch Compensates You for Your Data

Every time you go online or use a device, apps, and websites collect information about you in order to sell it to advertisers. Some people might not mind this, but to others, it can feel like a breach of privacy. Fetch believes that your data should be handled safely and ethically.

This means two essential things:

  1. Your data should be protected and anonymized so that your identity is never at risk
  2. You should be compensated for the data you share

In other words, the data you give Fetch will never be tied to your name; it will be aggregated, along with the millions of other Fetch users, to observe large-scale trends in shopper behavior. We use that anonymized data to improve your Fetch experience and to help our partners better understand their customers.

Furthermore, you’ll be rewarded for your data in the form of Fetch points, which can be redeemed for a huge variety of gift cards, completely tax-free. 

Over $340 Million of Rewards Points Have Been Earned By Fetch Users

Fetch has over 13 million active shoppers that have earned over $340 million in rewards points! That translates into millions of dollars of gift cards, for free.

Fetch Firework How Does Fetch Make Money?

Fetch earns most of its revenue by doing what we do best: fetching amazing deals for shoppers. Whenever you look in the Special Offers section of your Fetch app, you’ll see countless high-point offers from a range of amazing brands. 

Fetch Rewards Special Offers Menu

Our partner brands pay to be featured in this list, in the same way, they might offer coupons in a newspaper or on their website. They choose Fetch because they know we offer a faster, easier, and a more fun experience than alternative options. That’s why Fetch has gained the trust of over 13 million active users.

Fetch Firework Is My Information Safe with Fetch? 

Fetch takes extensive steps to protect your personal information. We have a passionate team of cybersecurity experts who work hard to shield our user’s data against any and all potential threats. Furthermore, we anonymize and aggregate all data so that your individual identity is never connected to your purchasing habits; instead, it’s used to look at large-scale trends made up of millions of shoppers. 

If you’re worried about your credit card info being shared through your receipts, don’t sweat it. Under Federal Law, vendors can only print the last five digits of your credit card number on a receipt, and they can’t include any portion of the expiration date. Plus, if you have a receipt that contains more information than you’re willing to share, you never have to snap it. 

Fetch Will Never Ask for Your Sensitive Information

Fetch will never ask you for sensitive data like your Social Security Number, credit card, PayPal, or banking information. You just need an email address and some very basic information like your name, to use Fetch and earn free gift cards. If you redeem your points for physical objects, like a Fetch t-shirt, you will need to provide a shipping address.

If you suspect that someone is phishing for your information, under the guise of an official Fetch source, contact our team to let us know.

Fetch Firework Millions of Users Agree: Fetch Is Legit

Hopefully, this article gave you more insight into why Fetch is a safe and reliable way to earn rewards and cashback on every purchase. We don’t collect your credit card information or monitor your individual shopping habits, but we do reward you for the information you share, with valuable Fetch points that can be redeemed for gift cards at your favorite brands and retailers.

Take it from me: I’m not just a Fetch employee, but a huge fan of the app as well.  We wouldn’t let our moms use the app if it wasn’t safe.

Fetch Firework Start Earning Points Today

You haven’t downloaded the Fetch app yet? No worries! Click the buttons below or scan the QR code to get started now. Use a referral code to score thousands of extra points.

The offers in the app are served up just for you. Some of your offers might not match the details above. Explore the app to see what kind of rewards are waiting for you!