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What is an Offer on Fetch?

What is an Offer on Fetch?

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Fetch offers are how you earn points FAST in the Fetch app. They’re personalized just for you and reward you for purchasing specific brands or products we think you’ll love. There are new offers added to the app every day, so there’s always something fresh waiting for you on Fetch. 

In this guide, we’ll get you up to speed on all things offers:

  • How Fetch offers work
  • The different offer types
  • Where offers are found on Fetch
  • Turning points into free gift cards

Here’s everything you need to know about Fetch offers. 

Discover Your OffersHow to Use Fetch QR code

Where Can I Find My Fetch Offers?

You can find all your personalized offers on the Discover page of the app. These offers are ranked just for you, based on what we think you’ll love the most.

You can sort these offers by: 

  • Offers in progress
  • Most recent offers
  • Offer category
  • Offer point value
  • Expiring soon 

You can also find offers from specific brands by viewing brand pages in the app. 

How Do I Find My Newest Fetch Offers in the App?

To find the newest Fetch offers available to you:

  1. Go to the “Discover” tab.
  2. Click on “Offers.”
  3. Sort by “Most recent.”

You will then be able to see all of the newest offers. Be sure to scroll through and make note of all the points-earning opportunities available to you.

Another way to find exciting new offers in the app is by reviewing the carousel images, which not only highlight new sweepstakes we’re running, but also some of the big point-boosting offers in the app. To see the carousel images:

  1. Go to the “Discover” tab.
  2. Here, under the search field that says “Search by product, brand or category,” you’ll see a carousel of rotating images promoting some of the newest offers in the app.

Visualization of Fetch app showing where a user can find offers and their points in the app

The Different Types of Fetch Offers

Fetch is more than a “snap every receipt” app. It’s an offers app packed with opportunities to earn tons of points in a snap. Here’s a breakdown of each type of offer found on Fetch. 

Item offers

This is the most common type of offer on Fetch. It rewards you for buying a specific product or category of product from a brand in the app.

Buy multiple offers

These offers reward you for buying a specific quantity of products from a brand in the app. 

Spend X offers

This offer type allows you to earn points at your own speed. You’ll earn points after spending a certain amount on specific items and brands. 

Point Boosts

This type of offer gives you points for every dollar you spend on eligible brands. It’s a great way to consistently earn on every trip to the store. You don’t need to worry about buying specific items. Just shop the brands you love and enjoy the rewards. 

Be sure to read the details of each offer carefully. Sometimes, offers must be redeemed at specific retailers. But usually, you can purchase the featured item anywhere you’d like. 

Putting Your Fetch Points to Use 

Turn the points you earn from offers into free gift cards! You can find gift cards and other rewards by tapping the Rewards tab in your Fetch app. From there, browse rewards by category or point cost, or search for specific retailers. 

Once you find a reward you’d like, choose the value and follow the on-screen instructions to redeem it. If this is your first time redeeming a reward, you’ll need to redeem a value of $10 or higher. This will unlock future $3 and $5 rewards. 

See What Offers Are Waiting for You

Head to the Fetch app and see which offers are waiting for you! The more you use the app, the better it’ll get at recommending offers you’re likely to enjoy. 

Don’t have Fetch yet? Download it for free for Android or iOS and see why millions of shoppers love saving money and earning free gift cards with the Fetch app.