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What Your Tailgate Drink Says About You

What Your Tailgate Drink Says About You

Chris Zimmerman
What Your Tailgate Drink Says About You

Listen, we know your preferred gameday drink doesn’t define you as an individual. Bold assumptions and generalizations shouldn’t be made based on something as silly as what fills your cup on a Sunday.

But we’re going to do it anyway because it’s our blog and we make the rules. Here’s what your football beverage (definitively, without a doubt) says about you.

Beer: You Are a Gameday Purist

There aren’t many pairings more perfect than beer and football. Maybe chips & dip but it’s a toss-up. Everyone in the world knows that no gameday is complete without a case of cold, refreshing beer at the ready.

If your go-to move is to crack open a cold one when the tailgate begins, we salute you. May your team be as reliable as the beverage in your koozie.

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What Your Tailgate Drink Says About You

Wine: You Write Your Own Playbook

Bringing a bottle of wine to the tailgate may not be the traditional gameday move. But sometimes, going against the norm is exactly what you need. Plus, nothing warms you up on a chilly Sunday afternoon better than your favorite glass of red.

So why not pick up a bottle on your way to the game and bring something different to the table. After all, winning teams always keep something unexpected in their playbook.

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Hard seltzer: You Bring the Fun & the Sun

As your team’s season marches on and temperatures begin to drop, it’s easy to miss those happy summer days before that season opener. Like seltzers by the pool. What I wouldn’t give for a Vizzy and a floatie right about now…

If your tailgate contribution is a cold case of hard seltzer, we’ll cheers to that. Thanks for bringing the sunshine everywhere you go.

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Drink responsibly and good luck this season. Unless you play the Packers. In which case, I wish you a swift but brutal defeat.

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