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Win Gift Giving (& Do More) With Fetch

Win Gift Giving (& Do More) With Fetch

Amanda Jeppson
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We asked our Instagram and Facebook followers to tell us a bit more about how Fetch makes the holidays merrier for you, and y’all turned out for it. With 1,077 responses, we got a better idea of how Fetch allows you to give gifts, do extra, and save! 

And trust me, these benefits don’t go away when we move past the holiday season!

Fetch Provides Free Gift Cards, Rewards, Points, and Gifts! 

Fetch points (whether earned through referrals, special offers, or just snapping any old receipt) are easily turned into free gift cards (rewards) that are further transformed into gifts. comment

Sometimes the gift cards themselves were gifted; other times, users leveraged gift cards to purchase gifts.

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Lydia comment

Danie comment

Don’t get it twisted, not all gifts were for family members, friends, or others…sometimes you’ve gotta treat yourself. 

mychocolatenoodles comment

It’s Easy and Fun to do “Extra”

Users also described being able to do “more” or do “extra” with what Fetch provided them with.

Tiffany comment

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Fetch Helps You Save

You’re already shopping for groceries and gifts, right? Why not save on some of those purchases and get points that you can redeem later for gifts (we aren’t judging if they’re for you or someone else).

toriaby216 comment

Fetch is There for You Year-Round

It’s fun and it’s easy! 

  • Forgot that surprise birthday party you scored an invite for (and yes, gifts are required)? 
  • Realized you should have bought your delivery person a little something for dropping those packages off at your door? 
  • Want to treat that friend who you met for coffee that’s been having a hard time? 
  • Just really need some retail therapy after returning to work following an extended vacation? 

Don’t stress – snap your receipts, redeem those points, and let Fetch take care of it.