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Your Fetch 5K: This Week’s Path to 5,000 Points

Your Fetch 5K: This Week’s Path to 5,000 Points

Chris Zimmerman
Your Fetch 5K This Week’s Path to 5,000 Points (1)

With Fetch, the points are everywhere. From Special Offers on your favorite brands, to giveaways and friend referrals, there are endless ways to earn extra points and free gift cards.

Here are a few ways you can pick up a fast 5,000 points this week and treat yourself to a gift card you crave. 

Fetch Firework Shop Our Back to School Offers

It’s that time of year again. Whether you’re a student, a parent, or just someone looking to shop a little smarter, our Back to School offers are packed with points. 

A Fetch Rewards Coin Go big with breakfast:

  • Get 1,000 points when you spend $15 on General Mills™ Snack Bars
  • Get 4,000 points when you spend $20 on select Kodiak® products

A Fetch Rewards Coin Stock up on supplies:

  • Get 3,000 points when you spend $20 on Sharpie products 
  • Get 2,000 points when you spend $15 on Elmer’s products

A Fetch Rewards Coin Grab your favorite bread:

  • Get 6,000 points when you spend $30 total on any Sara Lee®, Little Bites®, Thomas’®, Entenmann’s®, and Arnold/Bronberry/Oroweat® Country Bread.

Fetch Firework Refer a Few Friends

You can pick up tons of points without even going to the store! Earn 2,000 points when you refer a friend to Fetch using your code. Once they snap their first receipt, you’ll get your bonus. They’ll get 2,000 points, too. 

Keep an eye out for our 4,000 point referral bonus weekends and turn a few friends into your very own Fetch fortune. 

Fetch Firework Join a Club for Hidden Offers

When you join a Fetch Club, you’ll unlock exclusive offers and special content from your favorite brands. Take advantage of these Clubs before your next trip to the store and pick up 5,000 points, no problem. 

PepsiCo Rewards with Fetch

How To Join Huggies Rewards+ Powered By Fetch Rewards

general Mills good rewards steps

Fetch Firework Sort Offers High to Low

You can see all of your Special Offers on the Discover tab in the app. But did you know you can sort these offers by their point value? Tap “High to Low” and feast your eyes on our biggest offers that will help you sprint past 5,000 points in a snap. 

Fetch Rewards Special Offers Menu

Fetch Firework Start Earning Points

Every Fetch user’s in-app experience is different. Head to the app and discover all the savings we’re serving up just for you. Enjoy the points! 

And, if you don’t have the Fetch app yet, but want to get in on these amazing savings and free gift cards, just click the buttons below or scan the QR code with your smart device.

Happy snapping; and good luck on your quest for 5,000 points!