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How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards from Fetch and Save Money Online

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards from Fetch and Save Money Online

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How to Get Free Gift Cards From Fetch Rewards

With Prime Day coming up, be sure you’ve redeemed your rewards for free Amazon gift cards, check your offers to earn more points, and don’t forget to connect your email to earn on Amazon email receipts!

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Learn how to easily earn free Amazon gift cards from Fetch. Save money, have fun, and buy more of your favorite things on Amazon for free. Ready, set, snap!

How to get free Amazon gift cards

Why free Amazon gift cards are among the most popular Fetch rewards

Amazon is the world’s most popular online shop with an unbelievable catalog of more than 12 million products, books, media, clothes, games, wine, and services. The Seattle-based shopping juggernaut earns several hundred billion dollars in revenue each year, and it’s very likely that you already shop there. So, wouldn’t it be awesome to get free Amazon gift cards?

You can! It’s super easy with Fetch, the best app for earning free Amazon gift cards.

How to start earning free Amazon gift cards with Fetch

Step 1: Download the Fetch App for FREE

Fetch, the #1 rewards app with over 17 million active users, is free and available in the App Store and Play Store. Free to download, free to sign up, and free to use. Easily earn rewards for more of the items that you love to shop for on Amazon, while saving you money, and while earning free Amazon gift cards.

Step 2: Scan Any of Your Receipts

Just snap a quick picture of any receipt and Fetch will automatically find savings for you on thousands of products. Scan receipts from ANY store where you buy grocery and household items. Also, you can earn points from online orders and quickly scan ereceipts from Best Buy, Costco and more. All of these points will help you get free Amazon gift cards.

Step 3: Earn Rewards From Your Amazon Orders

Double dip! It is easy to connect Fetch to your Amazon account and rack up points from all of your Amazon orders. So yes, you can earn points from your Amazon purchases, and then cash in those rewards for free Amazon gift cards, and shop for more of your favorite products at no cost. In the Fetch app, select the Me tab, then click on eReceipt. From Accounts, just select Connect next to Amazon and you can easily begin fetching your Amazon ereceitps from all of your recent online orders within the past 14 days.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards From Fetch, earn amazon gift cards

Step 4: Accumulate Points in Seconds

You’ll earn points on thousands of popular grocery, household products and your restaurant orders every time you make a purchase or dine out. No coupons required! The more you scan all of your receipts, the more points your receive. Save money and rack up points towards earning free Amazon gift cards just by easily scanning online receipts, in-store receipts and restaurant receipts from any restaurant!

Step 5: Redeem Your Points for a FREE Amazon Gift Card

Redeem your Fetch points in the app and you’ll be easily rewarded with your free Amazon gift card. Just select the Rewards tab and click on Amazon, then, cash in your rewards. Under My Rewards, you can retrieve the Amazon gift card code and redeem it on within seconds.

What are the different available Fetch rewards for free Amazon gift cards?

When you select Amazon within the Rewards tab, there are three different reward amounts* for you to choose from. You can be rewarded a free $3, $5, $10, $25 or $50 Amazon gift card.

*These reward amounts are subject to change. For the latest, verify and check within the Fetch app.

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Looking for even more ways to get free Amazon gift cards?

Try these hacks to earn more free Amazon gift cards:
  • Add An Extension to Your Desktop or Shop with an App – Chrome extensions on your desktop are one of the easiest ways to help you find and apply special coupon codes to your online purchases. Without even taking any additional action, extensions like Honey Gold or Otto will show discount codes in your shopping cart at the online checkout, or you can earn points on these purchases or toward free gift cards to use at online stores, like Amazon.
  • Read E-mails or Watch Videos – Much like survey sites, there are other sites that pay you to read e-mails, watch videos, and search websites to redeem points for tasks. This is usually quite easy with legitimate sites like Inbox Dollars or InstaGC, where you can choose how you want to be rewarded — and Amazon gift cards are a great option!
  • Play Games – Social platforms for mobile gaming, like Mistplay help you to discover new games, have fun, and connect with your friends and fellow gamers. In addition to weekly contests where large prizes are offered, you can redeem points earned during your playtime for rewards, including cash and Amazon gift cards.
  • Like Social Media Posts – Many companies and even social media influencers use Amazon gift cards as incentives to engage with their branding efforts. In exchange for social media connections such as comments, shares, and even likes, you can be offered perks — often including nominal Amazon gift cards. These offerings are independent of Amazon, but they are frequently the most preferred method for incentivizing social media engagement.


Download the Fetch app today to start earning free Amazon gift cards

Use your free Amazon gift card towards books, electronics, music, and more. The web site is the ultimate shop to find and discover almost any thing you want to buy online at a great price.

Find out how easy it is to rack up points to earn free Amazon gift cards with Fetch and buy more of your favorite items on Amazon by downloading the Fetch app today.

Happy Snapping!

Amazon gift cards FAQs and how-to’s

Once you’ve added an Amazon gift card to your Amazon account, your gift card funds are stored there and will automatically be applied to your next eligible Amazon purchase.

Amazon gift cards are extremely versatile and can be used toward your purchase of millions of different items on Amazon, but, as with all gift cards, there are certain products that are ineligible to be purchased using a gift card. For more information on Amazon gift card purchase limitations, see Amazon’s Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

To activate/redeem a physical Amazon gift card and add the gift card to your Amazon account:

  1. Find the claim code for your Amazon gift card (see instructions below).
  2. Navigate to Redeem a Gift Card.
  3. Enter your Amazon gift card claim code and then click “Apply to Your Balance.”

To activate/redeem an electronic Amazon gift card and add the gift card to your Amazon account:

  1. Click on the link provided via email or text.
  2. Log into your Amazon account (if you’re not already logged in) and then click “Apply to Your Balance.”

If you do not wish for your Amazon gift card to automatically be applied toward your next eligible Amazon purchase, you can save it for later. To do so, when checking out, simply uncheck the box next to “Use your $ X.XX gift and promotional balance” or click on “Change” underneath “Payment Method” before placing your order.

On physical Amazon gift cards, the claim code can be found on the back of the gift card, typically under a silver strip you first need to peel off.

With digital Amazon gift cards and Amazon e-gift certificates, the claim code will be located in the email you received with the link to redeem your Amazon gift card.

Once you’ve added an Amazon gift card to your Amazon account, you can view the current available gift card balance at any time.

To check your Amazon gift card balance:

  • Log into your Amazon account.
  • Go to “Your Account.”
  • Click on “Gift Cards,” and from there you can see the balance of any of your Amazon gift cards.

Yes, you can multiple Amazon gift cards on a single Amazon purchase. To be more precise, you may redeem up to 10 Amazon gift cards on a single order when shopping on Amazon.

No, Amazon gift cards do not expire, which means you can redeem your Amazon gift card at any time.

If you wish to remove an Amazon gift card from your account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Amazon account.
  2. Click on “Your Account” and then “Payment Options.”
  3. Select the payment method (in this case, the Amazon gift) you wish to remove.
  4. Click “Delete” and then “Confirm Delete.”

No, Amazon gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.

No, Amazon gift cards cannot be redeemed on orders placed with Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay only accepts credit cards and debit cards.

Yes, Amazon gift cards can be used to make Kindle purchases, including Kindle devices and e-books.

However, it should be noted that Amazon gift cards may not be accepted (or are at least not recommended) when buying a subscription like Kindle Unlimited which is subject to auto-renewal.

No, you cannot transfer an Amazon gift card to another person’s Amazon account once your gift card’s claim code has been redeemed.

You cannot transfer your Amazon gift card balance to a bank account. “Cashing out” your Amazon gift balance is therefore not possible.