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The Fastest Way to 100k Fetch Points

The Fastest Way to 100k Fetch Points

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Woman earning 100,000 Fetch Rewards Points on her tablet

Learn how to quickly get 100,000 points on Fetch with these insider tips and tricks. Discover how to earn points quickly, have fun, shop and dine, snap those receipts, and earn free gift cards and get cashback.

Fetch Firework The Path to 100,000 Fetch Points

Lining your account with six figures in Fetch Points is easier than you’d think. And since that translates into $100 worth of free gift cards, it’s a milestone you won’t want to miss. 

So, how do you get Fetch Points fast? Two easy ways come to mind.

Fetch Firework Set a Goal on Special Offers 

Screenshot of Fetch Rewards special offersCheck the Fetch app for Special Offers every time you’re at a store or making a shopping list. Take advantage of several per month, and you should meet your goal in no time. In the app, turn on location services and sort your Special Offers from highest point total to lowest. This will make it easy to find offers that help you achieve your monthly target. 

But there’s an even faster way to hit 100k.

A Fetch Rewards Coin

Fetch Firework A Flurry of Referrals

For every person you refer to Fetch, you’ll get extra points.  With a link you can send via text, social media and email, there’s no reason not to buzz your whole Rolodex.

Now, are you ready for the most fun part?

Fetch Firework There’s No Point Limit

100k is only the beginning.  It’s all about getting creative with how you share your code (p.s. that’s my real referral code in the screenshot if you haven’t signed up yet). You can read more tips for referring users here.

4 Fun Ways to Refer Friends to Fetch

How To Get The Most On A Single Receipt With Fetch

Fetch Rewards referral code

Last, keep an eye out for giveaways on our social accounts (and our CEO’s Instagram). These easy-to-enter sweepstakes and contests can net you tons of points in the blink of an eye, provided you’re feeling lucky. 

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t have the app, start using Fetch for FREE and begin your journey to 100k today (click the buttons or scan the QR code at the bottom). And if you’re already using Fetch, now you’re armed with some serious point-earning potential. Happy snapping.