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4 Fun Ways to Refer Friends to Fetch

4 Fun Ways to Refer Friends to Fetch

Chris Zimmerman
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Invite Your Friends to Get More Rewards

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Referring your friends to Fetch is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn free gift cards and help future-you save money. You’ll get at least 2,000 points for anyone who joins with your referral code and snaps a receipt.

Inviting friends is as easy as sharing your referral code, found on your ‘Me’ tab in the app. But there are some other, more…creative ways to convince your friends to come save $$$ with Fetch.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

1. Cash In On That I-O-U

If your friends are anything like mine, they owe you for something (looking at you, Jon). Signing up for Fetch using your referral code is the kind of favor where everyone wins. You’ll both get points, and they can clear their friendship debt once and for all. 

2. Bribe Them With Coffee

You’ll pick up some serious points when you refer a friend to the app. We’d suggest using some of them to redeem Starbucks rewards and treating your pal to their favorite latte if they sign up for Fetch using your code. 2 professionally poured coffees

Disclaimer: Fetch doesn’t officially endorse bribery, but we don’t…not endorse it 😁

3. Simple Mathematics

Are your mates more easily motivated by the numbers? Break it down for them. They’ll get at least 2,000 points when they sign up using your code. And if they refer 4 friends of their own, they’ll be looking at 10,000+ points in total. Hello, free $10 gift card! This is an especially great tactic for friends that are always complaining about being broke.

4. The Dinnertime Pitch

Invite your friends and family over for a nice dinner. A bottle of wine, your favorite dish and a simple dessert should do the trick. Mention the free gift card you earned shopping for this meal and you’ll have them sold on Fetch in no time. Bon appetit!

No matter how you invite your friends to the app, you’ll both earn rewards. And that’s really what the Fetch Fam is all about: saving money and having fun, together. Happy referring!

Looking for the best app for saving money? We’re glad you’ve found Fetch.

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